Sunday 2 March 2014

Blue Rose by Jo.

I love Jo's work. She has her own special way of finding the right colour blends and works with sublety and flair.
I am from the old brigade of "Life's too short to stuff a mushroom", so making flowers was a chore for me. That's why they are a bit on the thin side!

I don't have the new Chatsworth papers YET, so used my original PA papers. I chose a small print and covered the whole lot with a thin wash of Bora Bora, Seaweed, Space Cadet and Eggplant. i used cut n dry foam and also covered a tag made from the reverse side of the paper.
I sanded back some of the paint and sanded the edges to give a white finish.
Next I stamped randomly in the background with an Ellen Vargo stamp and used one of Lin Brown's sentiments for the background and also for the tag.
I cut my paper down to 8x8 and used the spare to die cut petals and used the reverse for leaves.
Jo mentions how sturdy the papers are ,so I sprayed my flowers with water to make them more pliable.
I used Treasure gold Amethyst on the flowers, Treasure gold Aquamarine on the leaves, and added some to my brads.
I glued hessian to the background, added wool to the tag and arranged the flowers.
I was pleased with the result as I thought that my colours might not work together.
Thanks Jo and next time I will spend more time on my flowers….or buy some!!


  1. I think I hit the wrong button so if you get two comments, sorry!! I think your colours work well together, and there is nothing wrong with your flowers!!

  2. Ohh love the colour combo on this hazel!

  3. it looks great, I like the addition of the hessian. the comment about the mushroom made me smile, not heard that before. i think your m̶u̶s̶h̶r̶o̶o̶m̶s̶ flowers turned out just fine.

  4. Lovely colours Hazel I love the sanding back it look really effective. Nothing wrong with flowers look real good to me xx

  5. That's beautiful Hazel I love the made flowers - and the colours

  6. Well less is more with the flowers in my opinion!! Great colour combo xxx

  7. Ooh loving these colours hazel!

    Lucy x

  8. This is gorgeous Hazel! xxx

  9. So gorgeous! I love the colours. Well done on making the flowers, it's something I don't have the patience for I'm afraid. Sorry Jo! :)

  10. When you look closely you can see all the wonderful details, the brad flowers centres are beautiful, as are your flowers.

    Gorgeous as usual Hazel:-) xxx