Sunday 16 March 2014

Grungy Heart, inspired by Jo Myhill

I am a huge fan of the work of lovely Jo Myhill. Whenever I see a piece of her work involving hearts, frantage, messy paint, bits of fabric etcetera, I drool.
This morning we were treated to a new piece of her work entitled Dark Heart, and I pored over every bit of it over and over again.
So, this afternoon, chores done, birthday card made and husband mucking about in the garden I set aside time for guilty pleasure….experimenting a la Jo!
I started in my square journal as I had no idea what the outcome would be. I scraped grunge paste over the centre of the page, cut out a heart from grunge paper and embedded it into the paste.
Next, I chose fresco paints, Amethyst, Chutney, Claret and Eggplant and painted them randomly around the heart. tried to keep the lines either vertical or horizontal. I painted the heart with Claret a couple of times and drew lines with oil pastels.
Now, what I didn't know was that I should probably have sprinkled frantage crystals onto my work while everything was wet. You already know what happened don't you! Most of them blew off when I approached with the heat gun!! I tried to attach Mica fragments too, same result. I tried heating from underneath and nearly set fire to the page. Anyway, I did manage to attach some and will know in future several learned ways to add powders etc. I used a black pen to add a few lines and go around the heart.
Finally, I stamped one of Lin Brown's new sentiments, mounted it onto cotton and silk fabric and sat back.
I loved doing this and now wish that it was on a canvas as I am pleased with my first attempt. 
My work was so one dimensional until I came onto here and met the PATWITS. Now there is inspiration at every turn.


  1. Jo's was lovely, and so is yours - you could probably carefully cut the page out to fix it to a canvas... or make another one! Did laugh about the frantage crystals, it's the sort of thing I'd do...

  2. Love how you've used the black around both the heart and in the background, really makes the colours pop

    Sam xx

  3. I haven't seen Jo's yet will go hunting. However, I really love what you have created it's my kind of colours lol. Love the texture too. I agree with Helen it could be put onto a canvas as it would look really great. It is such fun watching you flower Hazel your art is really great and you have some fantastic ideas - so inspirational xx

  4. Love it Hazel. That's the sort of thing I would do with the frantage.

  5. It is gorgeous Hazel, the colours are fab. Now you can make another one on a canvas to hang on the wall. :)

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed Jo's blog post today too Hazel (mind you I always do, lol). Good job I can't actually get at her work because it's so tactile I'd probably leave fingerprints all over it and the same goes for your lovely piece here! Despite your trials and tribulations with stuff blowing off you have ended up with a beautiful piece of work and I'm not surprised you wish it was on a canvas. Bet you could do another for your wall more easily now you've learned a few lessons though!

    Lesley Xx

  7. This is an absolute stunner, hazel! Your work is a joy to see,

    Lucy x

  8. Wow! This is beautiful Hazel!!! xxx