Saturday 31 January 2015

Shiny Stuff Natural Objects.

Just recovering from a few days out of circulation but back and full of exciting ideas for shiny stuff!

This time, I wanted to highlight and display beautiful natural objects.
I started with a small wooden box which originally had xmas decs in, from The Range.
I painted it with PA Little Black Dress and rubbed Treasure Brass onto the edges.
Next I selected objects to sit in the box.
First, I chose part of a holly leaf which was now a skeleton. I rescued it from the coal bucket the other day.....yes, we still carry coal into the house and burn it! I brushed it with Treasure Brass.
Then I found a dried slice of orange, which I dried years ago to add to xmas decorations. I sprayed it silver and then rubbed Treasure Brass onto the raised surfaces.
Finally, I selected some Chinese Lanterns, that someone gave me a few years ago. I carefully brushed Treasure Brass into these also.
I found many objects that I could have used, so may add to my collection sometime!

Tuesday 27 January 2015

Shiny Stuff Bottle.

Only 3 entries this time so far, must be slacking.
This challenge took me a while as the clay is air dry and it took a while!
First I moulded 2 pieces of clay. First one draped around the base of the bottle and a heart shaped stopper. I pushed a swirly stamp into them to create some pattern and left them for several days to dry.

Next, I Frantaged with Aged Silver, parts of the bottle. I particularly liked the effect around the top. Probably should have said heat embossed.

Next, painted the stopper and base with PA fresco Little Black Dress and then added loads of Treasure Gold in a mixture of colours, Pewter, Spanish Gold, Brass and Aquamarine. Because of the black Acrylic base, the patterns showed up really well. 
I added an old necklace that I won on a charity stall in a local hospital and added TG to that too. It has a leather heart and I frantaged that as it looked too modern.

I attached the necklace around the neck of the bottle and added a TH key which I "rusted" with Spanish Topaz TG.
So, here is my bottle, with added treasures inside. My inspiration came from the fab PA blog and from Somerset Studio! 

And here it is at home on the kitchen dresser!

Wednesday 21 January 2015

Shiny Stuff Dad.

Here I am again. Once again playing with shiny stuff. Fired up from last week I wanted to work around another old photo.
This time, I chose a photo of my Dad, taken with his little brother. He had a twin also,
but, he went to live with his Grandparents when they were very young and I don't have any photos of them together!

I began with a PA 8x8 canvas, and had been inspired the same day by a tag that Alison...craftytrog, had posted. I glued down some TH musical notes tissue, making sure that it was crumpled. added fresco paint, Dusty Teal, sprayed and rubbed in and Distress ink dabber in vintage photo, also sprayed with water and blended.
Next, played with embossing folders on different card, shiny, dull and Kraft Waxed. I alcohol inked some and Treasure Gilded others.

I began chopping and arranging and tearing and sorting, adding ribbon, changing things around, adding metal embellies. I decided to find a few more pics and embed them into Glossy accents in bottle tops.
I added some bits and bobs to the sides of the canvas for added interest and finished it off with a verse from a poem..."An hour with thee!" Oh, how precious would an hour with a departed loved one be! My Dad died in 1977, when I was 27 and expecting my first child and I miss him very much!

Monday 19 January 2015

Shiny Stuff Box.

Having enjoyed myself playing with Fragile Papers for the last 2 weeks, I wasn't sure how I would get on with shiny stuff! But, after a good root around, I found plenty to inspire me. Also, Leandra's introduction and video was mouthwateringly tantalising.
So, here I go.
I started by die cutting some small hearts from corrugated card to give them some depth. I wanted to place objects inside them. I played around with embossed Waxed paper and some stamped backgrounds but it wasn't right!
I decided to leave my experiments overnight and had a think.
Today, I decided to make my project less complicated and simply paint a box.
I selected a heart shaped box, it is 2 inches high and painted it with 2 coats of PA fresco Little Black Dress. Next I rubbed Treasure Brass onto the edges and onto the already embossed sides and sealed it all with 2 coats of Gloss Glaze.
I Treasure Pewtered my hearts and found some shiny objects to sit inside. I sealed them with Glossy Accents but could probably have used Gloss Glaze??
I stamped in gold the Sara Naumann hearts sentiment onto black tissue paper and glued it around the lid.
I haven't decorated the inside yet but will make that another project.
I love my little shiny box! Thanks Paperartsy for the stimulation!

Friday 16 January 2015

Fragile Papers Butterfly.

Just had another idea to get out of my system. As you will gather, I have been well inspired by Leandra's latest topic.

I die cut some butterfly shapes using an assortment of papers and arranged them on some PA Chatsworth paper.
I selected a Lin Brown sentiment and added it to my work....Simples!

Monday 12 January 2015

Fragile Papers Washi Tape.

Still experimenting with fragile papers! Perhaps someone should tie my hands behind my back!

I saw an idea for backgrounds using washi tape in the latest Somerset Studio, so I had a play.

I started with a small box left over from Christmas. I painted it with Paperartsy fresco Baltic Blue.
Next I randomly stuck washi tape on the back in assorted patterns and colours and glued a layer of white tissue over the top. Next I gave it a watery wash of fresco Snowflake.

I stamped with Watering Can Archival some postmarks and script and stamped with random objects in fresco Sky and Snowflake.
I glued some images of ladies onto it and distressed the edges.

I was really pleased with how it came out, so I repeated the process in the recesses on the reverse!

Sunday 11 January 2015

Fragile Papers Family

Here again with more fragile papers.
This piece was inspired by several articles in the new Somerset Studio; Leandra's blog; and this beautiful family photo.
I began by sticking vintage style papers to the sides and front of my PA 10x10 canvas.

Next, I painted over the canvas with PA frescos, Vintage Lace, Vanilla and Mushroom. When dry I rubbed some of the paint away and sanded slightly to reveal bits of the papers....really like this!

I painted some previously dried flower heads with fresco Snowflake.
Selected papers, corrugated card, ribbon, crochet flower, hessian, music and buttons and played around with them. Took ages to arrange them.
After arranging them, I decided that to add a verse or something would be better.
I flew to my shelves, grabbed a poetry book, opened it and there, on the page that opened, was the perfect love poem. It made me feel emotional, as though someone else led me to the poem. It is the perfect poem for the photo.
This photo is of some of my family. My parents, recently married, are in the middle at the back. My maternal Grandma is on the right in the flowery dress. I hardly knew her as she died when I was 5. I don't know who the man on the left is, but also on the back row is my Dad's sister Joan. The girl is my  Mum's cousin Margaret and the twins at the front are my Mum's brothers Len and Edgar.

I am really pleased with how this turned out and will display it somewhere on my walls. I have used the original photo as reproductions don't have the same feel.
So, another piece with fragile papers!

Friday 9 January 2015

Fragile Papers Notebook.

I apologise for over egging the pudding, but, in my defence, I am enjoying myself.

So, fragile papers again.
Still using Paperartsy tissues and Kraft wax and adding a few trims and ribbons.

I started with a small piece of handmade paper, 4x6 inches and sewed random strips of different papers over it!

I kept going, sewing on bits and bobs and adding a few fancy trims until I was happy.
Not everyones cup of tea I know, but I like it. Lovely Lucy E gave me a notebook when we met up in Darlo and I have glued my creation to it! Hope that you like it Lucy.

Thursday 8 January 2015

Turquoise Tag.

My second blog of the day. This time I was inspired by the lovely Julie Ann over on The Dragons Dream.
I haven't joined in before, but turquoise and bling seemed like my kinda thing!

I started by spraying my large tag with water and rubbing onto my mat which was sprayed with Turquoise Dylusions. After drying, I dropped some water onto it and dried with kitchen paper.
Next I stamped a Lynne Perrella stamp in Cornflower Blue Archival and poured Aurora Borealis embossing powder on top and heat embossed.
I stamped around the tag with Watering Can archival to frame it.
Next I tore some bubble wrap and rubbed Treasure Pewter onto the bubbles and made a corner.
I added some glossy accents and put bedazzles onto them and added some circular pieces of plastic (no idea what they are called). I then added some Stickles, Perfect pearls and Treasure Pewtered some shells. I dyed some seam binding with Dylusions and added some bunting at the bottom.
So, this is Thalassa, the primordial sea goddess, who is supposed to be the personification of the sea itself. I like to think that she comforts the poor souls that are forced to spend their eternities in the turquoise depths of the oceans.
Thanks once again Julie Ann. you light my fire!

Fragile Papers Seeds

Sorry, but I did say that this topic had sparked my imagination.
Yesterday, as I played with my grandchildren, I spotted some pretty seed heads outside. Fragile papers pinged into my head and I nipped out with my camera!

They are from my hosta plants.

So, today I decided to create a picture inspired by them.
First, I chose some A4 Kraft card and glued bits of Script Tissue, old book paper and manuscript to the card. idea suggesting a bit of a landscape!

Next, knocked the print back with watery Fresco Snowflake; stamped with a sketchy Ellen Vargo shape in coffee archival; stamped with a Darcy grasses stamp in watering can archival and then used 2 stamps from PA Hotpicks in black archival.

I knocked the background back a bit more and decided to cut the top part off, as the height was wrong.
I die cut some leaves in clusters using PA Crunchy Waxed Kraft paper and folded the leaves. I added a bit of shading using a black and white stabilo pencil. I made stems from the wax paper and assembled them to look like the seed heads.
I completed my piece by stamping an appropriate sentiment from Lin Brown.
Something different with fragile papers....not completely happy but needed to try this out!

Wednesday 7 January 2015

Fragile Papers Bag.

I was soo excited last night when I went to bed after playing with fragile papers, that I thought up a few more ideas.
So here is fragile papers , part 2.
I started with a gift bag, 8"x10". I started as before, grungepasting through a stencil.
Next, I cut out face, arms and legs from a used envelope .
I once again used an edge punch to make frills on PA Tissue stock and deli paper, cut up a bit of doily, a bodice from corrugated card. Used pinking shears on black handmade paper and cut out some shoes,
and jiggled it all about.
The hair is waste from yesterday's project.
I added some Perfect pearls and made a few more flowers. Hey Presto, a girlie gift bag.

Thinking that this could be adapted for a bride!

Tuesday 6 January 2015

Fragile Papers Canvas.

Sooooo excited to experiment with fragile papers. After watching the intro and examples by Leandra and the fabulous first post of the year from Lucy, I was overexcited and raiding my craft room for materials.
Luckily, when I visited the PA stand at Stevenage, I bought 2 packs of Tissuestock...French Script Ivory and Kraft, so that set me up well.
Here's what I did.
First I grungepasted some words through a stencil onto my PA 8x8 canvas. used the sides of the canvas too.
Next I die cut some flowers from large TH die using PA tissue stock, white corrugated card, a Greek newspaper, and white deli paper.
I prepared some strips of fragile papers by tearing strips and used a variety of edge punches to create different patterned edges. The tissue didn't work well in the punches but it added to the fragility of the paper.I also cut strips of PA Crunchy Waxed Kraft paper which responded well to the punches.
I pleated and machine sewed some old book paper and old music sheet.

Next job was to assemble my flower, which for Mrs Impatience has to be very scrunched up and rammed together! I distress inked some of the edges of the petals.
I arranged the strips of paper onto the canvas and added some lace for extra texture and contrast.
2 vintage buttons finished off the job nicely.

I am pleased with this attempt at fragile papers and so, be warned, I will be back with further developments!!

Thanks Leandra and the team for stimulating and well thought out presentation of the blog and thanks to Lucy for her tissue flowers which inspired me!

Friday 2 January 2015

Calendar January.

I was excited to join in with the Darcy challenge and chose an Art Nouveau Calendar to alter.

This is the before pic.

My first thought was that she didn't have enough clothes on for January, so I clothed her in manuscript and dictionary pages and painted her coat with a mixture of PA frescos which were translucent. I found a little PA texture stamp of dots for added texture. I gave her a warm collar and cuffs too!
On the left I painted over with PA fresco French Roast, crackle glaze and Antique lace and stamped a sentiment/ To this I added Darcy's beautiful hearts stamp.
I added some extra colour and glitter to her flowers and her hair. Painted her nails and applied lippy.
Finally, I blinged up the lighting with a gold pen and then stickles. 
She looks much cosier for a January page. 
Looking forward to February!