Wednesday 7 January 2015

Fragile Papers Bag.

I was soo excited last night when I went to bed after playing with fragile papers, that I thought up a few more ideas.
So here is fragile papers , part 2.
I started with a gift bag, 8"x10". I started as before, grungepasting through a stencil.
Next, I cut out face, arms and legs from a used envelope .
I once again used an edge punch to make frills on PA Tissue stock and deli paper, cut up a bit of doily, a bodice from corrugated card. Used pinking shears on black handmade paper and cut out some shoes,
and jiggled it all about.
The hair is waste from yesterday's project.
I added some Perfect pearls and made a few more flowers. Hey Presto, a girlie gift bag.

Thinking that this could be adapted for a bride!


  1. Ooh! That's gorgeous Hazel! xxx

  2. WOWser Hazel, this is wonderful, love your frilly frock and the bag is totally transformed into a very special gift. Love your genius ideas :-) xxx

  3. Wow that is fab Hazel, you have very creative ideas x

  4. Wow! She is lovely, bag is stunning Hazel! I love it xxx

  5. you're really on a roll with this challenge! love this one too.

  6. Hazel,
    When I saw this load my jaw dropped. I love this, you really hit it out of the park that skirt is so ruffly it look real.

  7. Wonderful uses of paper...every detail is lovely!

  8. I see that you've found another great use for all your fragile papers, especially love the hat or the hair piece xxx

  9. What a fabulous and fun way to decorate a bag! Anyone receiving this couldn't fail to be delighted.

    Lesley Xx

  10. How beautiful - perfect for a wedding gift bag!

  11. Fab to make a personalised bag! You dream up such fabulous ideas!