Wednesday 22 July 2020

Teasel Appreciation

As soon as I saw the "A Vintage Journey" challenge I had the idea straight away that I wanted to print with Infusions using my Lin Brown Teasel Stamp. (PaperArtsy ELB22)

I gessoed a couple of pages in my repurposed Girls Annual, and glued down some background papers. I added a little acrylic paint in neutral tones using a credit card to spread, and also some of my glorious Daniel Smith Gold gesso.
A little stamping and writing on my right hand page to create texture, and then, the focal point on the left, with my large Teasel Stamp and words saved from a magazine. 
I first dabbed an embossing pad onto my stamp, then sprinkled Rocky Road Infusions onto the stamp. Sprayed the surface lightly with water and stamped several times onto my background. For added interest I lightly sprayed the teasels and splattered some watered down Rocky Road.
I decided to create a border using Nathalie Kalbach foamy numbers stamp and Versafine Clair Nocturne.

I just love teasels to the point of absolute adoration! They are a wonder of nature and have been used for decades to soften, or tease wool. Attempts were made to create a machine to copy the action of the teasel, but it was found that the natural form performed much better.
Birds also enjoy their seeds.

Here is a close up of some of the teasels that have been printed and sprayed using Infusions.