Tuesday 23 June 2015

Stencil Transfers

I am a busy bee this week and have been playing nicely night after night.
Today, I decided to try the Paperartsy challenge about stencils.
I wanted to something a bit different and found an idea in a copy of Cloth, Paper, Scissors.
I was blown away by this technique!

First, I selected a picture from a magazine...not too glossy! Chose Kanye West on the front of the Times mag.
I placed my stencil over the top and applied clear parcel tape in long strips, making sure that they overlapped by about half an inch and went over the edges.

Next, I rubbed both sides of the image onto the stencil to engage the print with the sticky tape. You begin to see the pattern of the stencil on the back.
Next step was to immerse the whole thing in warm water for a few minutes. Here it is in the sink.

Very quickly the paper can be peeled from the back and then any excess can be scraped off with your nails...it really was easy.
Next thing was to air dry it. I put it out in the garden. You can see the weave through the picture.

When it was dry, I peeled it from the stencil.

Next, I created a background for it in my journal. I have used PA fresco paints, Glass Blue, Space Cadet, Limelight, Zesty zing and Caribbean sea. I added a few dots through a stencil and scribbled a bit.

The final step was to place my image over the top. It stuck down well as the tape had remained sticky.
It is a good idea to brayer over it to secure it.

So, this is my finished page. The technique has a wealth of possibilities and I will certainly try this again. I could go on to work over it in parts, maybe journalling with a white pen...I could also have cut up the tape before sticking down. I really wanted to share this idea.
So, I am entering it into the PA challenge.

Just gone back and written on it! 

Tuesday 16 June 2015

Shabby Chic This Moment

Lots of fabulous inspiration this month on the CVC challenge blog! The theme is shabby chic, and after seeing Gabrielle's inspiring work I decided to feature an old photo!

I found a textural background that I had abandoned a while back and decided to work on that.
It is a piece inspired by old walls with posters fading and peeling. I have layered papers, maps, manuscript, paint, crayon and loads of grungepaste.

I chose a very old photo of my paternal Grandparents, probably taken about 1928. my father is top left and his siblings are all there except his twin brother who always lived with his Grandparents which was, in my opinion very sad!
I added some stabile scribble and a bit of printing with a script stamp. mounted the photo onto corrugated card and added part of a Shakespeare sonnet.
I think that the photo looks really at home in this setting and I wrote a secret message on manuscript paper and tucked it into the side of the photo! Still miss my Dad very much...he was my artistic inspiration!
Entering this into the Countryview challenge!

Monday 15 June 2015

Hidden Objects Face

My first entry to the Hidden Objects challenge and yet another inspirational presentation from Leandra!
I had a bit of a think and faces are always a favourite with me! Picasso sprung to mind and his 2 faces in one.

So I drew one and painted it with bright Fresco paints!
I outlined most of it with my trusty Stabilo pencil and made a simple linear background!
Look again and you will see!
So I am entering this into the Paperartsy challenge and will pop it onto Kim Dellows faces on a Friday!