Friday 26 April 2019

Discovering Toni Burt!

This week, I have been studying the work of Toni Burt. Bit late to the party as usual, but her work both speaks to me and inspires me.
Here is a piece that combines the simple drawing of a face, some collage papers, stamping,watercolours and text.
After I created her face I started to weave a story for her. She has a very wistful look upon her face and it made me wonder what lost opportunities she is pondering!
I often veer toward a neutral palette, and felt that I could share this in "A Vintage Journey" challenge, which, this month is concentrating on a neutral palette.

Sunday 14 April 2019

Neutral Zone

Over on the "A Vintage Journey" blog, the theme this month is Neutrals, which suits me so well.
The design team have done us proud once again and have sparked my imagination.

I decided to collect together some magazine pics that were neutral but that also appealed to me. I had also imagined that the Tim Holtz dragonfly would look just right on my pages.

After gessoing my repurposed girls annual, I added fragile papers to my background and knocked them back with neutral tones. I wrote a few words of comfort to myself and arranged the pics.
I linked them with some circles , stamped the dragonfly , wrote some song lyrics which are soothing and created a frame.
I find that this kind of journalling is so therapeutic and helps to calm any worries that I have.

So, an entry for the A Vintage Journey blog challenge.