Thursday 28 January 2016

Non Dominant hand drawing

Really enjoying drawing with my non dominant frees me up a bit more and stops me from drawing perfect people.

This one was from a photo of Christine Bleakley and would look more like her if the nose and face were longer. Really pleased with it though.
It was drawn with a Black stabilo pencil with my left hand and then brushed over with water.

Don't think that Kim Dellow will mind if I include it in her Face on Friday blog.


Really enjoyed creating this piece. Decided to hand draw my flowers and drew my face with my non dominant hand! I used Stabilo black pencil, fresco acrylic paints and a water wash over the pencil.

I am entering this into the inspiring Kim Dellow challenge. 

Wednesday 27 January 2016

Hearts Roses

My fabulous Grand-daughter was whisked away early this afternoon which gave me time for an extra play.
This is an idea that I have been wanting to try out for some time.

I started by tearing up a posh advert for D&G, from a glossy magazine....chosen for the pink and red colour scheme. I glued the pieces to journal page.

Next, I filled in the gaps by stencilling with Archival inks in Carnation Red and Magenta Hue.

Next, I wrote the words that I had thought of, using Black Fudeball pen.

Painted out all of the background with Black Gesso and doodled with White Uniball Signo.

It was a bit experimental, but I am pleased with the finished effect!
Another one for the PA challenge!

Tuesday 26 January 2016

Hearts Galway

My fourth play over on the PA blog.
I just decided to play around with some papers and part of a map of Ireland that I came across while tidying this afternoon.

I tore up some strips and glued them to my journal page and knocked them back very slightly with some fresco Snowflake. I cut out some hearts from brown and script tissue and doodled around them. Dabbed some distress inks here and there for ageing and selected some vintage photos.
I thought that the song Galway Bay would be appropriate for this interesting looking couple! Who knows what kind of life they might have had together....I like to imagine that they defied all the odds and lived happily together, tucked away in a little cottage somewhere.
I printed out the words to Galway Bay and did quite a lot of doodling around the page!
It made me think about my Dad and how lovely it would have been for him to adorn my page with his beautiful Copperplate Handwriting!

Another entry on the PA blog.

Monday 25 January 2016

Dreadlock face

Just done a quick face because I need to keep practising and I hadn't done one for ages.
My friend Deb Wainwright keeps knocking them out, all great and all different, so, I was urged to have a go.
First, I drew a face from a magazine reference using Black Stabile pencil/
Next, I very quickly applied frescos straight from the bottle onto my palette knife and onto the face.
I re applied stabile pencil and washed over the pencil marks with watery brush.
Redrew the eyes, painted a tiny bit onto the eyes and mouth with a fine brush and was finished....30 minutes tops.

I am entering this into the lovely Kim Dellows' eyes project. Even though the face is bright, you still go back to the eyes!

Thursday 21 January 2016

Hearts Tribute

My second creation today. Since the weekend, and the several pages of David Bowie in The Times Supplement, I have been fermenting an idea.

I copied some of the pics onto my scanner and printed onto copy paper. The background image was just sprayed with water and rubbed onto my gessoed journal page. Next I drew the iconic Bowie symbol and painted it with frescos Captain Peacock and Smoked Paprika.
I drew the word dream, freehand and doodled on and around it. Tore some smaller images of Bowie and glued them down, knocking them back slightly with Snowflake.
Finally scribbled and painted around 2 edges.
Quite spontaneous and very enjoyable!

Another entry for the Paperartsy challenge!

Hearts valentine

My second hearts project for the Paperartsy blog challenge.
I was watching Sandy Allnock, over in the States, on Periscope the other night. She was playing with brusho over a heat embossed resist.
So, I had a play.
I stamped my Sara Naumann hearts and sentiments with Versamark onto white card, covered with white embossing powder and heated.
Next, I lightly sprayed the surface with water and carefully sprinkled Bister powder, Green onto the surface. I added a little more water, little more powder, dabbed with  piece of tissue here and there and that is when my Valentine Card emerged! Simples!

Here is some detail.

Plenty of scope here for many stamps, sentiments and variations of colour! will play again.
Am entering this into the PA challenge.

Tuesday 19 January 2016

Hearts, Anniversary

Fabulous topic on the Paperartsy blog at the moment! Hearts....and another juicy, exciting collection of ideas presented by Leandra.
It is my daughter's 6th Wedding Anniversary at the end of the month, so, having been inspired by Kate Crane on Wanderlust, I have made her a card.

I started by covering my PA Heavy Cad with an assortment of bright frescos, then stencilled using Red Archival, stamped with ESN11, who hasn't got this stamp set!
A bit of doodling and printing inspired by Seth Apter, mounted and hey presto, an anniversary card!

Am entering this into the

Thursday 7 January 2016

Transparent alphabet.

Just having a look on Pinterest at random art works this afternoon and stumbled across this way of transferring book print. Probably everyone else is already familiar with this technique but it is new to me.

I started by gessoing my old book page and then rubbed fresco paints onto it with my fingers. I used Mocha Mousse, Vintage Lace and Irish Cream.

Next, laid some ordinary sellotape down onto a dictionary page.....rubbed over it a little and peeled it off! This is the technique that I discovered. Depending upon the quality of the paper, age, etc and how hard you rub over it, you will get varying degrees of removal from the page.
I stencilled a letter A with archival inks and just laid my first piece of tape onto my page. 

I found some more letter A's , painted them, and made more bits of printed tape. I arranged them onto the page and stamped a few Paperartsy a's from W2.
If you look carefully, you can see the variations in the transfer of the script! Enjoyed this is like me...simple! 

Monday 4 January 2016

Lollipop, lollipop!

2 PA posts in short succession....a bit like buses.....but you will be pleased to know that I have not gone all Narcissistic , just helping out Leandra!

Anyway, my piece to join in with the topic of Transparent had to be UTEE. It fascinates me and is the nearest to alchemy that I will achieve.
I started by brayering some PA fresco colours onto my A4 Heavy Cardstock. I created grass with Limelight, Bora, bora and Tinned peas.....and sky with Bougainvillea, Cherry Red and Rose.
I created grassy stems by putting the brayer sideways and using the edge.

I knocked back the lower part of the sky with Chalk and then added a few highlights with Tango. I added some stamping with assorted stamps from the wonderful JOFY range using archival inks.

Next, I melted my UTEE  (Ultra thick embossing enamel) in my melting pot and added some special melt art ink, which is Tourmaline, which retains the translucency. I poured the mix onto my craft mat into little cutters and also straight onto the mat and stamped into it.....made sure that I inked the stamp first.

Then I stamped some of Jofys flowers, painted some with snowflake and added my Utee shapes. The star was too thick, so I have saved it for another project, or to melt down and reuse.

I cut down my picture and added a few touches of white pen here and there and also used some of the Utee offcuts for small flowers.

I was pleased with the results as I think that the UTEE shapes suit the style of the stamps. Here is a close up showing some detail. 

And here is the finished piece! 

I hope that you are able to join in with the topic...Transparent....over on the PA blog. Hope to see you there!