Thursday 28 January 2016

Non Dominant hand drawing

Really enjoying drawing with my non dominant frees me up a bit more and stops me from drawing perfect people.

This one was from a photo of Christine Bleakley and would look more like her if the nose and face were longer. Really pleased with it though.
It was drawn with a Black stabilo pencil with my left hand and then brushed over with water.

Don't think that Kim Dellow will mind if I include it in her Face on Friday blog.


  1. Always a fun exercise Hazel! Looks great! xxx

  2. Oh my goodness I am so impressed - I think this is amazing, but the fact you used your non dominant hand is incredible. It's beautiful, and I love the fluidity of it.

  3. I'm stunned, Hazel, an unbelievably fantastic face full of character, and the lines and shading are superb - with energy and dynamism. I'm very inspired by the idea of using the non-dominant hand for mark-making (don't think I'll be brave enough to attempt a face!) - will definitely be giving that a go at some point soon.
    Alison xx

  4. Amazing work of Christine using your non-dominant hand. This would be a great exercise too for me as I sometimes get RSI/Carpel problems in right hand. But I think if I tried a face it might end up wonky and a bit abstract - ha ha - I can't wait to try this though .. thanks for the inspiration..... Gill x