Monday 25 January 2016

Dreadlock face

Just done a quick face because I need to keep practising and I hadn't done one for ages.
My friend Deb Wainwright keeps knocking them out, all great and all different, so, I was urged to have a go.
First, I drew a face from a magazine reference using Black Stabile pencil/
Next, I very quickly applied frescos straight from the bottle onto my palette knife and onto the face.
I re applied stabile pencil and washed over the pencil marks with watery brush.
Redrew the eyes, painted a tiny bit onto the eyes and mouth with a fine brush and was finished....30 minutes tops.

I am entering this into the lovely Kim Dellows' eyes project. Even though the face is bright, you still go back to the eyes!


  1. This is fabulous Hazel and I love it only took 30mins. The contrast between the hair and the face works so well. And with a palette knife! You are very talented!.
    Thanks for the shout too Debs xx

  2. Wow - big wow - so dramatic with those bold paint colours - love that you can see the palette knife strokes, and her eyes are magnificently hypnotic (was going to say eye-catching, but that's no good!).
    Alison xx