Saturday 30 June 2018

Treasure Box

The topic over on the PaperArtsy blog is "Enshrined", and there were some wonderful examples on the introduction by Darcy.
Their design team have come up with some wonderfully inspirational ideas this past 2 weeks as well.

So, I decided to create a box of treasures for my darling Rosebud, our 5 year old granddaughter.

I began by painting the box with fresco paint French Roast. the top was crackled with paste and then painted with assorted fresco blues. The sides I wrote messages and sea songs for Rose and then stamped and painted to create a collage effect.

I painted the letters with fresco blues and rubbed Treasure Gold into them and also around the edges of the box.

Inside, I lined the box with velvet.

The shells have been painted with blue fresco paints , and the patterns highlighted with Treasure Gold.

I added more treasure to the box, seaglass, small shells and some seaweed.
Rose came across it by accident yesterday and was enchanted by the contents and thrilled that the "Treasure" was for her.
The wonderment of young children is something that should be held onto by us all into our older years.
So, here is my entry for the PA challenge, enshrined.

Wednesday 6 June 2018

Paper Dolls, Brave Wings.

Having some fun with my second entry into the PaperArtsy blog challenge which is Paper Dolls.
I had this notion that if I could find a nest, then some paper dolls could be at home in there. Maybe influenced by all the bird activity in the garden at the moment.

I used some TH collage paper for my background and rubbed an assortment of neutral coloured paints onto it with my fingers.
I used an assortment of fabulous oldies from PaperArtsy Hot Picks..HP1005, HP1506 and HP1601.
The girls are from TH paper dolls Christmas, which I painted over with clear gesso to enable me to paint over them to brighten them up.
Very Tongue-In-Cheek, this one, but great fun to create.
My second entry into the PA challenge.

Tuesday 5 June 2018

Paper Dolls French Kiss.

The challenge on the PaperArtsy blog is currently "Paper Dolls". There has been lots of fabulous inspiration from the team.
In the intro, Darcy talked about the kind of paper dolls that girls of a certain age used to make outfits for. Jofy made a wardrobe of clothes in her post which made me want to create my own page. 
This set of stamps that I have chosen reminds me of my paper dollies so I decided to join in.
This is one of those pages where you just go where the mood takes you. No preconceived ideas, just playing.
I began with a washi tape background, used some distress inks in a distress wrinkle free way and stamped with Black and Red archival. Lots of stamping and I used the PaperArtsy stencil by Scrapcosy which has all the months on and is so handy!
Eventually I built up a story in my mind of this young French Girl, but don't want to retell as you may draw your own conclusions.
Suffice to say that she is not comfortable with her life choices and wishes the months to whisk by!

It was a bit tricky to work in this thick tome as you can see. I am almost at the end of it. It is a recycled book from Oxfam with wonderfully thick pages.

I am entering this in the PaperArtsy challenge.