Saturday 30 June 2018

Treasure Box

The topic over on the PaperArtsy blog is "Enshrined", and there were some wonderful examples on the introduction by Darcy.
Their design team have come up with some wonderfully inspirational ideas this past 2 weeks as well.

So, I decided to create a box of treasures for my darling Rosebud, our 5 year old granddaughter.

I began by painting the box with fresco paint French Roast. the top was crackled with paste and then painted with assorted fresco blues. The sides I wrote messages and sea songs for Rose and then stamped and painted to create a collage effect.

I painted the letters with fresco blues and rubbed Treasure Gold into them and also around the edges of the box.

Inside, I lined the box with velvet.

The shells have been painted with blue fresco paints , and the patterns highlighted with Treasure Gold.

I added more treasure to the box, seaglass, small shells and some seaweed.
Rose came across it by accident yesterday and was enchanted by the contents and thrilled that the "Treasure" was for her.
The wonderment of young children is something that should be held onto by us all into our older years.
So, here is my entry for the PA challenge, enshrined.


  1. This is beautiful, Hazel, how wonderful to enjoy it with Rose!

    Lucy x

  2. Beautiful the Box Hazel and fabulous treasure shells, love them. Have a go!! xx