Sunday 25 February 2018

Tiny Oil Pastel Portraits

A couple of weeks ago, inspired by an online course "Studying the Masters", I ordered some Sennelier Oil Pastels.
They are deliciously creamy and I needed to play with them straight away.
So, in my tiny 4"x4" pink pig sketch book, I tried my hand at portraiture.
I began by drawing myself, through the mirror, using the pastels and so that I wasn't too precious about it, I worked on top of some printing that was waiting to be finished. Was quite pleased.

Next, from a photo, I created an image of my Granddaughter Rose.

Then my son Richard.

And finally, my crafting friend Deborah!

I was pleasantly surprised at my efforts and need to do more! 
Taken me ages to get around to blogging them!