Thursday 8 January 2015

Fragile Papers Seeds

Sorry, but I did say that this topic had sparked my imagination.
Yesterday, as I played with my grandchildren, I spotted some pretty seed heads outside. Fragile papers pinged into my head and I nipped out with my camera!

They are from my hosta plants.

So, today I decided to create a picture inspired by them.
First, I chose some A4 Kraft card and glued bits of Script Tissue, old book paper and manuscript to the card. idea suggesting a bit of a landscape!

Next, knocked the print back with watery Fresco Snowflake; stamped with a sketchy Ellen Vargo shape in coffee archival; stamped with a Darcy grasses stamp in watering can archival and then used 2 stamps from PA Hotpicks in black archival.

I knocked the background back a bit more and decided to cut the top part off, as the height was wrong.
I die cut some leaves in clusters using PA Crunchy Waxed Kraft paper and folded the leaves. I added a bit of shading using a black and white stabilo pencil. I made stems from the wax paper and assembled them to look like the seed heads.
I completed my piece by stamping an appropriate sentiment from Lin Brown.
Something different with fragile papers....not completely happy but needed to try this out!


  1. Seed heads are beautiful and can see how you were inspired, you page is awesome, love the crunchy waxed leaves folded to emulate your seed heads. Once again a wonderfully inspired project, keep em coming! :-) xxx

  2. Just gorgeous!! the seed heads you replicated with your die cuts are lovely!! what a wonderful project.

  3. I thought for a moment that you'd used the actual hosta seed heads! :) That is a lovely page.

  4. Oh! Hazel I love it!! Fabulous background and lovely waxed paper seed. Very nice Lin's sentiment. Your garden is full of treasure. xxx

  5. Hazel,
    Not happy this is awesome, you captured them completely. I think it is beautiful. be back to comment on your beautiful paper doll and flower a bit later.

  6. Fab picture Hazel, the hosta seed heads are brilliant x

  7. Oh wow, love how you've incorporated those seed heads into your project xx

  8. You clever girl! This is another brilliant piece taking inspiration from your lovely garden..... your evening safaris hunting down the slugs obviously worked for your hostas 'cos the blighters did for mine last year! Lovely layers of stamping too.

    Lesley Xx

  9. This is so creative - love it!

  10. Looks fab! Love the crunchy texture!

  11. Wow Hazel, you have had a fabulous inspiration!!! I love your card, it is absolutely lovely and so clever!! Sorry to not come on your blog before, this month is a crazy one for me... Hugs, Coco xx