Sunday 11 January 2015

Fragile Papers Family

Here again with more fragile papers.
This piece was inspired by several articles in the new Somerset Studio; Leandra's blog; and this beautiful family photo.
I began by sticking vintage style papers to the sides and front of my PA 10x10 canvas.

Next, I painted over the canvas with PA frescos, Vintage Lace, Vanilla and Mushroom. When dry I rubbed some of the paint away and sanded slightly to reveal bits of the papers....really like this!

I painted some previously dried flower heads with fresco Snowflake.
Selected papers, corrugated card, ribbon, crochet flower, hessian, music and buttons and played around with them. Took ages to arrange them.
After arranging them, I decided that to add a verse or something would be better.
I flew to my shelves, grabbed a poetry book, opened it and there, on the page that opened, was the perfect love poem. It made me feel emotional, as though someone else led me to the poem. It is the perfect poem for the photo.
This photo is of some of my family. My parents, recently married, are in the middle at the back. My maternal Grandma is on the right in the flowery dress. I hardly knew her as she died when I was 5. I don't know who the man on the left is, but also on the back row is my Dad's sister Joan. The girl is my  Mum's cousin Margaret and the twins at the front are my Mum's brothers Len and Edgar.

I am really pleased with how this turned out and will display it somewhere on my walls. I have used the original photo as reproductions don't have the same feel.
So, another piece with fragile papers!


  1. Oooh fabulous, this theme really is right up your street isn't it - lovely xx

  2. Stunning, such beautiful colours x

  3. Just perfect, Hazel, in every way! The poem works so well too. I know I've said this before; but you are an incredibly talented lady. xxx

  4. Anyone would think you were really enjoying this challenge Hazel lol, i know i am enjoying seeing your prolific creations each one so different and beautiful :-) xxx

  5. Hazel this is stunning! It is my fav out of all the beautiful pieces of art you have created inspired by fragile papers. I can see your inspiration is flying at the moment and it is a real pleasure to see your stunning Art. I feel privileged to be sharing your journey :) xxx

  6. what a stunning way to show case such a fantastic photo xx

  7. You still have space on your walls??? I think you might need to start selling some of your art to a local cafe or something! I imagine every wall to be chokka blokka with your art! LOL Great piece Hazel!

  8. So gorgeous Hazel - I love this piece!

  9. This is beautiful Hazel and I can well understand how the poem made you feel emotional! I think I've now found all the photos from Mum's and this morning I was showing them to John. There are some really fab black and white ones and even really old sepia tones ones. Sadly many of them I haven't a clue who they are & probably Mum won't remember either with the Alzheimers. I had thought Mum and I could spend some happy time together going through them but I only showed her the two pics of me that I put on FB earlier & she got tearful. Not sure taking them in would be a good idea now. Oh well, at least I rescued them!

    Lesley Xx

  10. Hazel,
    WOWZERS, you gone crazy with this theme lol. This is outstanding and so precious.

  11. A wonderful project to display your special photo on. And your choice of poem to add to it is perfect, another stunning post xx