Wednesday 10 February 2016

Wax drippage

I have been fascinated for some time by wax techniques and except for one play, I have had beeswax sitting on my shelves for ages!
So, the new Paperartsy challenge being wax, and Lin Brown's fabulous post with trapped layers drove me to get out my melting pot again!
If I was a cautious soul, then I would have studied all the information on the PA blog and watched the videos.......but, as usual,I barged into the proverbial china shop and played! I did visit the PA blog, but scanned excitedly!
I began with a piece of corrugated card and glued a wonderful paper napkin down!

I brushed over a little wax in parts and stamped a couple of PA stamps and added some distress inks using the Wrinkle Free method!

I gradually built up some layers of wax and stamped and stencilled around the can see some scratching and inking too! The middle bird is much more subtle in colour than the lower one because he has layers of wax over him!

I added more wax layers and used a gold leaf pen to highlight some of the scratches and embedded some tiny beads into the wax.
I also made some deep scratches in the foreground to enhance the stamped grasses and finished with some drippage, which I created by dipping my brush into the molten beeswax and pressing onto the top of the card, allowing it to run down from the brush!

If I wasn't Mrs. Must Get It Done Yesterday....then I would have known not to use a small brush, and my layering would be much smoother! I did melt some of the lumpy bits with my heat gun after reading Lin's post, which helped!
So, here is the finished piece!

I got a real buzz from doing this, and I have been back to the PA blog and studied the experts, in the words of Arnie....I'll be back! Beeswax smells amazing too!

Am entering this into the PA challenge!


  1. Smashing Hazel and don't knock the 'jump in with both feet''s how new things get discovered! I'm the opposite, Mrs Overcautious, and that's why very little gets done over here! I am really hoping to have a go at this on Sunday though but only on condition I get current project finished.....deadline looming, lol!

    Seriously though I do love what you've done here and all the layers are great. Thanks for reminding me about pretty napkins ... have loads that I won't let anyone use, lol, but I don't either. What a waste!

    Lesley Xx

  2. Gorgeous waxy play Hazel, using the correct brush to apply the wax is also a great help.

    I like to use napkins, they are a fabulous source of images and colour.

    Glad you threw yourself in and enjoyed the process:-) xxx

  3. I love this Hazel, you have created some fantastic textures in the wax and I adore the composition. I agree with Lesley too jumping in is fabulous, best way to learn new things me thinks. Hugs Debs xx

  4. Magnificent wax work, you have tried fab techniques and have obtained good results. And materials are very adorable. I love this Hazel. xx

  5. Love it. I usually 'jump in with both feet' lol but with this challenge I've read a bit more into it as I really want to use beeswax. I have a melt pot n beeswax but I'm so accident prone I get really nervous around things that can burn! I'm going to to give it a go though. Preparation is the what I need to do but as like you I just want to do it NOW not in a bit lol.

  6. Love this Hazel, lots of yummy layers and great effects. You have inspired me to go find my melt pot I want to have a go.
    Happy Valentine's Day.
    hugs Brenda xxx

  7. Looks like you had lots of fun - the end result is fab!

  8. This is gorgeous all the different layers..and you use some lovely colours too xx

  9. love the whole piece Hazel, those napkins make an ideal image - glad I'm not the only who doesn't read/watch instructions - more fun that way.xx

  10. This is a total work of art, hazel! Would love to see it IRL!

    Lucy x

  11. Gorgeous layers of colours and wax for this quick off the mark piece...