Wednesday 24 February 2016

Teasel transfer

What a wealth of ideas were on the PA blog entitled Image Transfer.

Recently, I bought some Photo Fabric, which is paper backed fabric that I can print onto from my inkjet printer.

Also recently, I created a doodle style project over on the Wanderlust course and decided to develop it using the transfer technique.

I started by using the image of the Teasels and printing it onto the fabric, first small and in the original colours and then A4 in grey tones.

I backed the larger image onto Vilene and began to draw over it with my sewing machine....machine embroidery!

Added lots of machine and hand embroidery and then added some seed beads etc from my tiny stash!!

I sewed a frame for my smaller image using Sari silk, added seed beads and sewed it onto my main picture! 

I added lots of buttons....printed a Lin Brown sentiment onto Sari Silk and there it was finished! 
Feel really pleased with it! 

I am entering this into the PA challenge.


  1. Hazel, I really love this project: the embroidery, the fabrics and the buttons and beads just combine so beautifully. It's a real joy to feast your eyes on! Gorgeous work! xx

  2. This is absolutely Gorgeous Hazel!! First your doodle and sketch are wonderful. Great transfer and it's embroidery, adore your idea is always sophisticated. xx

  3. This is truly stunning Hazel and the work that's gone into it is beautiful. I love it hugs Debs xx

  4. This is beautiful Hazel. Love those teasels & how cleverly you used them. You make me wish I hadn't given my sewing machine to my daughter!

    Lesley Xx

  5. This is beautiful.
    PS Love your 'tiny' stash of beads!

  6. I totally LOVE this!!!!!!!!!!! An awesome piece of art!!!!!!!!

  7. This is amazing, hazel, you have deployed some amazing skills,

    Lucy x

  8. I can barely contain my envy as I contemplate your sewing skills! Apparently my machine is capable of free embroidery... not in my hands! The concept of small/colour large/B&W appeals and all the beads and details look fantastic.

  9. Wow - love this I've never been brave enough to try free embroidery - amazing detail xx

  10. I'm not surprised you're pleased with this... it's simply wonderful. I love the initial development of the image into the large grayscale version, and then the machine embroidery in matching shades is fabulous. Love how you've layered the smaller image on, and all those wonderful buttons. Brilliant!
    Alison x

  11. I'm scrolling through old PA challenges for inspiration and found this ever so lovely fabric collage! You amaze me with your many talents! This is exceptional!!! Hugs, Autumn