Tuesday 23 February 2016

Profile face

Over on Kim Dellow's "show your face " blog, I was inspired to have a go myself at a face in profile! Just never thought of it before. So, I kept it simple.

I gessoed a page in an old book and stencilled with 3 Paperartsy fresco colours...Elephant, Pewter and White Fire.

Next, I knocked back some of the stencilling with Fresco Chalk, so that the face would not be too obscured!
I found a profile face that I liked and drew her with Black Stabilo pencil, then went over the lines with a watery brush. A scribbled border and was finished. 
I am tempted to add more to it, but decided to let the outline speak for itself.....wish that I had a long neck!

I am entering this onto Kim's faces blog.


  1. Your drawing skills are brilliant, hazel!

    Lucy x

  2. Love love that stencilled lettering - great metallic neutrals - and a glorious bold and beautiful face to go with them.
    Alison x

  3. Love that stencilled lettering - wonderful metallic neutrals - and a bold and beautiful face to go over them... lovely.
    Alison x