Wednesday 13 May 2015

Words Brusho

As my fabulous Grandchildren are away for the week I have found more time to play!
Inspired by the talented Alison @craftytrog I got out the neglected pots of Brusho and played around with different colours!
Eventually, while adding more water and waiting for puddles to dry I had the idea to get a cocktail stick and draw exploding lines.
I went for clean and simple which makes a change for me and added some stamps from HPWT03 which I stamped with black archival and clear embossed.
To finish off I double mounted my work and added a few buttons!
Quite like them!


  1. Sadly, your link hasn't worked!! You can also blow the wet brushos with a straw or if you have one use a distress marker tool without the marker and use the air to blow around the product.

    Great results and the addition of the buttons gives them a feature xxx

    1. Thanks for extra ideas Sam, know you have worked with Brushos a lot! X

  2. oh me likey lots, Hazel!!

  3. LOVING your exploding Brushos Hazel. Alison always makes such fab projects. Hope you create more like this! :-) xxx

  4. Alison is certainly inspiring! She's tempting me to use Brushos, I must say. I love how dynamic these are! They are the perfect complement to the words. I love the buttons too. xx

  5. Ooh love these hazel, am really ranching trying brushos!

    Lucy x

  6. Lovely cards - the brusho effect on them is fab X

  7. Totally fabulous cards... love the explosions of colour and complementary buttons - great design!
    Alison xx

  8. Gorgeous effects and colours Hazel! Glad I inspired you :-) xxx

  9. Wow, Hazel!! I love all of the pieces you've entered, but this one is a particular favorite - colors and splash from the Brushos..... fabulous and inspiring! xx Lynn

  10. Fab cards! Love the colour explosion

  11. Ohhh nice! I bought some product similar to brushes recently, but haven't payed properly yet! Must go and stalk Alison to see what she's been up to too! ~ Leandra