Tuesday 5 May 2015

Sprays Cogs

Had another experimental play with sprays this afternoon.
Started by spraying inks onto my craft mat and dipping the card into them.
Next I added some PA stamped images on tissue paper.

Painted strips of Bougainvillea and Eggplant and then wiped paint off through word stencils. Bit more spraying, bit of scribble...added some die cuts and dumbed it down with mica sprays.
Overegged the pudding a bit but enjoyed playing.


  1. love the choice of colours on this one!

  2. Love the doodled border Hazel, your colours are warm and rich and the cogs are a fab embellishment. You are on a roll today :-) xxx

  3. Beautiful card and fab colours. xx

  4. Beautiful colours, so rich, they make my heart sing! You are really making sprays your own - each piece looks like you have really enjoyed and relished making it.

  5. Love the colours and stamps and I don't think it's overegged at all.

  6. Love the 'scribble' and pretty colours. Lovely use of those images too.

    Lesley Xx