Monday 18 May 2015

Monday morning craftiness

Unusual to have Monday morning to myself, so, as the weather was very wet, I decided to have a crafty play!
I did a bit of blog hopping and came across Bumblebees and butterflies,which inspired me to enter their Visual Journal Journey!

I started with pasting a brown bag which I had stamped on at a Dina Wakley class recently and then applied colourful splurges of Paperartsy fresco acrylics!

Next, added a few dots, lines with a credit card and stencilled script.
Using a stencil, I added white seed heads and flowers and scribbled around them. Finally I added some black stencilling and 2 tiny words from Tim Hotz chitchat.

Quite different for a Monday morning!

Bumblebees and butterflies


  1. WOW Hazel, are you selling your canvases yet, you should be! This is outstanding, love all the bold shapes and colours and the depth and 3D look you have achieved is amazing.

    LOVE :-) xxx

  2. wow this looks gorgeous!

  3. Fabulous!! LOVE the colors and that stenciling is fantastic!! xx Lynn

  4. Ahhh Hazel - I'm in love with this... FABULOUS. Wow. Keep them coming!!! j.

  5. I agree with Mo... there's definitely a market for artwork that makes the viewer feel this good!
    Alison xx