Thursday 2 January 2014

Leandra's Clusters!!

I was so excited to do this challenge because I was delighted to join Leandra and many other talented crafters on the Finnabair course. It was my first ever class in crafting and I was very nervous.

I decided not to embellish a heart and immediately thought that a box frame that I had from ages ago would be ideal as it would protect the 3D work.

I also had what I thought was a novel idea to use pot pourri to fill out my work as it has loads of lovely bits in it and it is cheaper than buying loads of embellishments.

I used a combination of pot pourri, shells, prima flowers, wooden bits etc to fill out the frame and embedded them in grunge paste and glued down.

Next I coated everything in Paperartsy Fresco Sky and gave it 2 coats.
The next bit was hard as I struggled to layer up different colours. decided on mixtures of Baltic Blue, Space Cadet and Eggplant. It looked very flat at this stage and I was a bit worried.

I needn't have worried because Treasure Brass came to the rescue and brought it back to life. PING!!

Next I glued some Wendy Vecchi embellishments to the outside frame. I didn't want too much on the outer to detract from the inside.

Finally I painted the outside frame with a mixture of Fresco Eggplant and Little black Dress, treasure gilded the embellishments and plonked in a pic of me when I was 23!!!! Happy Days.
I am well pleased with this venture as it is yet another leap into the unknown thanks to the brilliant Leandra. 
Thanks for looking. x


  1. Stunning Hazel, fab job using pot pourri for the embellies as i agree you can't tell the difference lol :-)

    You look fab at 23 & i bet you still look goid today. Another craft hurdle you've jumped, looking forward to more:-) xxx

  2. That's REALLY good, well done you.
    Happy craftin

  3. Brilliant! You made ​​a great frame using various embellishments, colours beautiful.

  4. Hazel this piece is stunning. Looking at your art I did not see the use of pot pouri what a great way to build up the piece. Very inspirational. A timeless piece of art that can be treasured. Very well done xx

  5. Oh my it's stunning well done I really need to go to a class don't I. Amazing love the use of pot pourri what I great idea x

  6. What a Fab idea using pot pourri! Genius! Guna have to nick that idea! Well done u it looks gorgeous! xxx

  7. Genius of the month goes to my zimmerbuddie Hazel! Wooohoooo
    *ducks for cover*
    ...loving the pot pourri BTW

  8. Beautiful Hazel!! You cannot tell which bits are the pot pourri at all lol!!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous! Using pot pourri is a fantastic idea and I love the contrast of the blue inside and black outside.

    Emma x

  10. WOW when I came to your first photo I thought I'd come to the wrong post. How different it looks to the finished piece - it's fabulous and love the depth you've created.

    Sam xx

  11. This is a gorgeous make and a very worthy entry to the PA challenge. Great idea to use the pot pourri. I have some in a couple of fancy jars that lost their perfume yonks ago which I thought I might use in a similar way..........when I get round to it, lol! Once again no one would ever think you were crafting outside your comfort zone Hazel. You look perfectly at home to me, ;D!

    Lesley Xx

  12. Looks really fabulous! I am so impressed! Julie Ann xx