Saturday 18 January 2014

Another girlfriend for PAMM !

Really enjoyed making a stuffy to join PAMM and PAGG.
PAGG might be the gorgeous girlfriend but my PAGI could be his bit on the side. Not as innocent as he looks.
I really wanted to call her Gwendoline Ivy, after a dear Great aunt of mine. She was a feisty old thing and loved the colour purple. So I planned it with her in mind.
Made it in 52 mins from getting out fabric and machine. I am a messy sewer, so this project suited my tastes. Didn't stop to pin anything just went for it. Only thing that I pinned was her hair.

SO, here is PAGI PaperaArtsy Gwendoline Ivy.


  1. Hello Gwendoline Ivy (such a lovely name), love your hair and lips, what a cutie pie. LOVE your plushie Hazel, well done! :-) xxx

  2. Crikey you made her in 52 minutes, an amazing doll, she is going to have fun with her PA friends x

  3. ohh she's a real cutie, and I like that you named her.

  4. This is brilliant, and I love the name lol xx

  5. Oh My Gawd, you really are crackers - lol

    Love the hair though xxx

  6. Wow Hazel, Gwendoline Ivy is amazing. I can't believe you only took 52 minutes to make her. I would faff for a week over one of those. She is fabulous though and love her quirky lips and hair.

    Lesley Xx

  7. Cute doll!! I love her hear and lips.

  8. Ooh hazel, she is great! You are so clever. She looks like a bit of a minx to me, better keep an eye on her!

    Lucy x