Monday 19 October 2015

Face Bistre Vert

My fourth face on the PA challenge. Just enjoy trying different presentations of faces .
This time, I selected some of the original PA paper...the map one. I tore it to fit my journal page and drew the face using a Black Stabilo pencil
Next. I went over my lines with a wet brush and included a few shadows.

I bought one pot of Bistro at Doncaster Stamp Magic yesterday...the green one and was eager to try it out. So, I added some of the powder around the hair and sprayed it with water.

This is how it turned out.

Finally, and not sure about this....I added some white highlights to the eyes and gave her some lippy!

This was a very quick piece and most enjoyable!
I shall enter this into the PA blog challenge.


  1. I think the green and blue bistres are my favourites. Great face!

  2. I agree with Helen there my fav colours too. I love your face, especially the grungy look the Bisters has given her. Fabulous Hazel xx

  3. I really like the map background, such a good idea! I also like how windswept she is. I imagine that she is a traveller, never quite feeling at home anywhere. I rather like the bright lips. xx

  4. The torn map is brilliant, love the windswept hair and I'm a big fan of the lippy X

  5. Oooh Hazel, this turned out fabulous and great choice of colour too xxx

  6. Love the smoky green hair, and the light in her eyes is fabulous! Four faces, eh? I can see I've got some catching up to do...
    Alison xx