Wednesday 7 October 2015

Dribble Bib?

I am on catchup with Paperartsy challenges at the moment as I have been away for 10 days. I did manage to take some fresco paints onto the beach and play but challenges have not happened until today.
I love the idea of wearable art and have a plan to do stamping on a garment at some point but don't have anything that I dare to attack just yet.
So, here is a necklace that I reminds me of a dribble bib and as I am nearer to my dotage than to my childhood then I fear that it may come in handy too soon! Should I make another one I will cut into the shape and make it less bib shaped!

I started by drawing a shape onto doulble calico, Gessoing and painting with fresco paints.

Next, stamped with Ellen Vargo leaf stamps in black archival. I free machined over the shapes with black cotton....I am showing the back so that you can see the patterns.

I attached some Sari silk for ties and embellished the pattern with Stickles in various colours.

So, there is my necklace/ dribble bib! Thanks for looking!
I am entering this into the Paperartsy challenge.


  1. Well I've never heard of a dribble bib before, so thanks for sharing that snippet of information! Love your free machine sewing, it looks great and the stickle look like beads xxx

  2. Dribble! Great make. X

  3. FANTASTIC dribble bib Hazel, just what i need lol! The colours are fabulous bit the icing on the bib is the FME, looks fun to do :-) xxx

  4. I love it - the design is fab and reminds me of Aboriginal art, especially with the colour palette you used. It's amazing!

  5. Lol! It looks brilliant Hazel! xxx

  6. Dribble bib or fabulous fabric necklace - whichever you want to call it, I think it's beautiful.
    Alison xx

  7. lol - your description made me laugh. This will look lovely against a plain top - need to see a picture of you wearing it.xx

  8. What a gorgeous dribble bib, no necklessl!! Fabulous design and colours. This will be the trend of 2016 spring Paris Collection! Hazel. xx

  9. Ha ha, love it, great project xx