Monday 12 October 2015

Colourful face

OOOOOOoooooo!  have I enjoyed myself tonight! Faces torment me as I strive to produce them with variety....and bright colours excite, a great fairground ride was experienced tonight!

I found great inspiration from the new launch blog about faces last night, and really enjoyed Kim Dellow's rendition tonight and want to try a line drawing face like hers.....but..Fresco colours and a dramatic interpretation was my goal tonight! Also, I wanted to apply some of the colour with a palette knife!

I drew my face and started like Dina Wakley, adding dramatic shadow! Bit scary, but could paint over it.

Next, I filled in the colours using every fresco paint colour under the sun! I worked and worked on it and, at times, was losing the plot! But, I carried on working and working until I felt happy!
I found the eyes the most difficult.
Finally, I applied some paint with a palette knife, particularly in the hair!
I had a great time and feel like I hit the back of the net! That's what its all about...having fun and getting excited!
I shall enter this into the PA challenge...and it would be rude not to include it in Kim Dellow's face on Friday! 


  1. Stunning Hazel, knew you'd be up for the faces challenge! Love the hair too and the effect of the translucent frescos is fabulous. As I've said before....LOVE your faces! Ruth x

  2. Hazel this is amazing, just fabulous!

  3. Brilliant portrait, Hazel. You are so talented, but more than that you put your heart and soul into your art and there's love in every brush stroke or should I say sweep of the palette knife!? I knew you'd be playing along with this topic and giving it all you've got! I'm so looking forward to seeing the faces you come up with! xxx

  4. I love you showed a photo before colour, really impressive work, hope she's going up on a wall somewhere x

  5. Wow - what a stunning portrait, Hazel. Somehow it's not even the colours that I notice first, but the expression in her eyes and the movement in the turn of her head.
    Alison xx

  6. She's brilliant! There is so much life in that face. Well done Hazel. Really great stuff. Lx

  7. Wonderful Hazel, full of expression and I love the colour and shapes, just fabulous! I'm so glad you liked my PaperArtsy post and I'm so glad you linked up your amazing work on Show Your Face. Thanks for the great shout out too. Kx

  8. Love it!
    happy Craftin

  9. Wow Hazel, that face is awesome! The colours are great, the features look accurate and I love the composition too!