Thursday 17 July 2014

Mixed media George

Yesterday I received an order from AFTH and a copy of the July August Somerset Studio. I was blown away by the work of Laly Mille.
I had one of those very rare times when I was driven and not afraid to strike out….sounds very dramatic but felt special.
I had taken a photo of my Grandson George the same afternoon and started by sketching this.
I then raided the bin for suitable paper to tear, typical of me.
Tore some up and started to put together a collage.

Then I started to build things up with PA fresco paints. knocking back with snowflake and washes in greens, blues and neutrals.
It was a ," goodness knows where I will end up" situation, and I ploughed on.
I added some alcohol inks straight from the bottle to my sky and grass and just kept adding paint.

I had even used script stamps for my foliage and went to bed at this stage of the work.

Next I built up the foreground with stamping and added a few paper flowers from a napkin. I added some colour in the background and stencilled some dots onto the flagstones for texture.
I then worked on George with derwent crayons, building up depth and shadow. Clare Lloyd taught me this on the PA blog.
If I follow the brief in Somerset Studio I will scribble my thoughts onto my work. not sure yet, but Sam Butler suggested to me that I copy my work, scribble on it and then decide….thankyou Twitter friends, this is what it is all about.
Gosh, this has been such an experience and I think that this is my proudest work to date. Am I trumpet blowing….I think that I am…..why not…only here once!


  1. WOW Hazel, another hidden talent, it worked out brilliantly, well done

    Sam xx

  2. It's lovely seeing how you put this together, Hazel. The finished piece (with or without words) is wonderful.

  3. Wow! Hazel this is a stunning piece of art made so special because who it is of. Well done! You should be very proud because this is gorgeous xxxx

  4. George is awesome now he is finished.

    ArT to be proud of Hazel, stunning work:-) xxx

  5. I am very proud too, lovely hazel. We always said you are very talented. This is quite incredible.

    Lucy x

  6. Jaw well and truly dropped, Hazel... the sketch is beautifully done, and the texture from the torn papers in the foliage and on the chair is just fabulous. Love all that foliage, and great watercolouring to complete the look. It's absolutely fantastic.
    Alison xx

  7. Fantastic Hazel. You should be proud about it x

  8. Blow that trumpet as loudly as you can Hazel, this is a work of art & completely wonderful.

  9. Definitely art to be proud Hazel! It's wonderful to be driven like this, & working intuitively!
    Alison xxx