Sunday 13 July 2014

Art Doll, Ruby

Something completely different tonight from Penny on the PA blog. Set my mind whirring and once again untidying the just sorted craft room.

I got my inspiration from looking through my PA stamps and the first thing that I decided was to use the heart from HP1104EZ as my fabric bodice. Next I chose one of my fave faces from LP stamps, used the pen to form pleats for the skirt and a rather obvious boot. I made the skirt a bit flirty by folding some net and there was my art doll.
I painted some card with Chalk fresco paint and then brayered (good old Ellen Vargo) a background using Chartreuse and Beach Hut. I stamped another LP stamp with Cornflower Blue archival.
Before I assembled my doll, I painted over the images with Blood Orange which luckily is translucent.
A metal corner finished off the skirt and a few drops of stickles blinged it up a bit. I also roughly painted a border.
The doll is called Ruby because she represents my Ruby wedding which I will be celebrating on Sunday. I think that Ruby looks contented and even after 40 years is managing to maintain a flirty look which will keep her other half on his toes!!

Thankyou Penny for inspiring me to create something meaningful.


  1. Ooooh Tuby looks absolutely stunning Hazel and congrats to you and hubby for your 40 years, great achievement xxx

  2. Tuby!! lol Sam..
    Love it Hazel, I can't believe how quick you are - she looks fabulous!! Congratulations on your anniversary.

  3. Wow Ruby is stunning and what a wonderful piece of art that is truly unique to remind you of a very special celebration. You clever girl xxx

  4. Love the elements you've pulled together to create Ruby, especially the pens to form the skirt!

    Happy 40th Anniversary Hazel which I'm assuming is next Sunday. Have a very special day!

    Lesley Xx

  5. Haven't seen the post yet but your Ruby doll is awesome, very pretty, great colours and textures.

    Not sure if your Anniversary is today or next week. I wish you both hearty congratulations & many more happy, healthy years together. A huge and wonderfully inspiring achievement, many hugs & love:-) xxx

  6. Oh very quick and Ruby is fabulous. I was inspired by your card too! Congratulations on your anniversary.

  7. Aww you are so quick, And Ruby is fabulous !!
    Great your card!!

  8. This is amazing, hazel! Love all the details. Was sketching mine out at mums today,

    Lucy x

  9. Ah Ruby is gorgeous Hazel!! Love the way you've used the metal corner and the pen nibs for the skirt. the heart bodice is great especially for your Ruby wedding :D congratulations xx

  10. This is brilliant Hazel! I love the colours, the choice of stamps and the skirt is brilliant.
    And the sewing!
    Thank you for joining in :)

  11. Ruby looks amazing Hazel!
    Happy Anniversary!
    Alison xxx

  12. great fun, loving the skirt and heart - congratulations on your 40th anniversary too xx

  13. 40yrs, well done!!! Love Ruby, she does look content, but with that ed skirt a bit sassy too.

  14. Ruby looks great, and well done on your anniversary!

  15. Oh wow I love this Hazel, the skirt is so pretty