Tuesday 11 February 2014

Julie Ann Suitcase 1

I had the pleasure of meeting Julie Ann Lee on Sunday at Stamperama and she was every inch the lovely lady that I had imagined her to be.
So, on arriving back home, there was part 1 of another of her stunning projects.

I didn't have a suitcase, so I improvised (sorry Leandra); but I redeemed myself a bit by using grungepaper to make the straps. With a drop of glue here and there and some screwlike brads I achieved the desired effect.
Next, I had a good think about where my suitcase was going and decided to resurrect the suitcase that I owned as a very little girl. It was small, made out of cardboard and probably pale blue….and when I decided to run away when I was about 4 or 5, I packed (just my teddy!) and walked down the path!!
Cant remember what happened next but that was as far as I ran.
ANYWAY…as I said, it was most probably blue but I would have liked a red one so it is now red and the straps are blue. I painted the inside with Fresco Chocolate Pudding, the outside London Bus and the straps with Lake Wanaka.
Like Julie Ann, I aged my suitcase with French Roast. Next I stamped some script to give it character; painted my old initials in Gold and doodled on it with both black and white pens. I drew my teddy, and the hopscotch that we used to play; wrote my address and did some sums.
Next I painted it with gloss medium as my suitcase used to be shiny. Some of the doodling smudged but that was ok. I rubbed on some treasure gold and painted TG onto the screws.
Finally I stamped PA stage lights onto some tags, crayoned onto the images, distressed them and tied them and tartan ribbon onto the case.
My next project will be to make a book of memories with photos of me and my family to go inside the case.
Thankyou Julie Ann for igniting the spark!!


  1. Oh I love this Hazel and the story around the case. We have similar ideas. Cannot wait for the next part xxx

  2. Oh, Hazel, this is amazing! I ran away too when I was little and I think I just got to the foot of the stairs in our block of flats! I love how you created your own case and the red is terrific. The straps you made are beautifully authentic. In fact every detail is stunning. I am thrilled that you were inspired to do this. You have been incredibly resourceful and what a great idea for using one of these little cases to store memories. Thanks for playing along, it meant a lot and It was lovely to meet you too. I do hope we shall meet again xxx

  3. Love this Hazel, and a great story behind it.


  4. It's beautiful Hazel, can't wait to see what you put inside it.

  5. What a fabulous story surrounding your suitcase even though it was blue and you wanted a red one - hehehe!!

    Sam xxx

  6. Oooh, this is great! Love all the drawings and doodling on your very realistic suitcase Hazel. Love the story behind it and I actually have one of those small blue cardboard suitcases in a cupboard. I inherited it from my lovely Grandmother full of crochet patterns because I was the only one in the family who could crochet. It's very battered but also very loved! I hope we get to see the book of memories too!

    Lesley Xx

  7. Lovely suitcase and fun doodling, I love your story.

  8. Fantastic back story Hazel, i think we all ran away from home as children didn't we! Love your suitcase and straps, great colours and tags. Looking forward to seeing your book of memories.

    Fab as usual Hazel :-) xxx

  9. Hello again Hazel... yes, I remember you at Stevenage very well... how many did you buy?! I managed to resist in the end!!

    This is such a wonderful take on Julie Ann's inspiration. I love that you're recreating the suitcase you would have liked to have had for your journey into the wider world! That glossy red is fabulous, and the weathering on the edges is so cool. Looking forward to the inside...

    And if you're going to Ally Pally we can say hello properly next time!
    Alison xx

  10. Wow what a clever idea to make your own suitcase! Great project and a lovely story behind it. :)

  11. This is fab, hazel! I love that you recreated one from childhood with all its associations. And yes, julie Ann is a lovely lady!

    Lucy x

  12. Hi Hazel, what a lovely suitcase. Love the red and all the little doodles. Don't recognise the stamps you used for the tags. Some old gems. Must check them out

  13. oh this is lovely. I had a red case as a child, wonder what happened to it?

  14. What a wonderful story of creation and thought out project. I was going to leave home with just my Hectors House book when I was little.


  15. What a wonderful story behind your gorgeous case Hazel.Cleverly improvised, & I love the blue & red!
    Alison xxx

  16. So lovely to create something with personal connections! I have to pinch the idea of the grunge paper and make myself a box but with lid attached! Brilliant...

  17. This is fabulous, I love how you've turned your box into a suitcase xx

  18. Your suitcase is fantastic Hazel! I absolutely love the colours you've chosen and the aging effects works really well.

    Emma x