Sunday 2 February 2014

Darcy Journalling 1

I am a massive Darcy fan; I know that I am one of many and was keen to have a go at the journalling challenge that will run once a month. It is good to try different approaches and one that is Darcy led will be an adventure.
I started in my new square journal by taping and Grunge pasting as instructed. good job that I read instructions over and over as I was thinking that you let this dry before removing the tape, but of course that would have been early disaster. I stamped into it for added texture.

I added all the layers of Fresco paint as instructed, ending with a neutral shade. I left the edges free so that a hint of the colours would show.

I sanded down the grungepaste and rub, rub, rubbed the flat areas with a baby wipe over various stencils. I rarely got down to the first coat as the page started to disintegrate in places. 
NOTE TO SELF..Put layers on more thickly next time. 
Also I couldn't resist rubbing a bit of Treasure Brass here and there.

As you can see, I stamped with JOFY stamps; drew and cut out a silhouette; added a bit of paint here and there; highlighted with gell pen and finally drew some seeds heads floating around.
So month 1 of Darcy's Journalling is complete. If I wanted to extend it further, I could always go back to it and add some dimension by cutting out flowers but today I ran out of steam!!
I have enjoyed the challenge and stored up ideas for future use. Thanks Darcy!


  1. oh Hazel you wow me again, totally loving this page, everything works so well. Composition is perfect and your little girl is adorable.

  2. Your page is beautiful Hazel!
    Alison xxx

  3. Beautiful pages Hazel. As Darcy said - the composition is lovely and I love the colours you've used too. Claire x

  4. Fabulous, Hazel!! I haven't started this challenge yet, I really want to get a square journal for it... Love the JoFY stamps on the page.

  5. Fab double spread Hazel and I love your choice of colour

    Sam xxx

  6. Fab page Hazel, lovely colours.

  7. Beautiful pages Hazel, fab job looks wonderful:-) xxx

  8. Great pages Hazel. Your little girl looks so excited. Really great colours