Thursday 26 January 2017

Pink and Orange 3

Sometimes a girl just can't help herself, and having experienced life in the sixties, when pink and orange were the new black, then, why not!

So, here is my third entry into the PA blog.
I began, on my girls annual, by gessoing the page and dividing it up into 9 sections.
Next, I went through my Paperartsy stamps and this one fitted nicely, and being my all time fave stamp, I was delighted. (that indicates how much pre planning there was!)
The stamp is a Lynne Perrella LPCO22.

Next, stamped with black archival onto tissue paper, 9 images. Painted each rectangle with a different fresco paint.

Glued the images onto the rectangles and touched them up slightly with a little more paint.
I finished off with a few words and redrew the black lines with Black Fudeball.
Had great fun! love a challenge!


  1. You really are on a roll! Love this one too

  2. You really are on a roll! Love this one too

  3. Lovely! Makes me think of mary quant!

    Lucy x

  4. Fabulous! Stunning use of the stamp and Hazel, I have to say, my mouth is hanging open (not pretty!) at the array of Frescos you have within those colour tones.
    Your productivity is incredible inspirational as is your art.

  5. love this stamp too - great idea Hazel xx

  6. Stunning! I love the idea, I love the stamped images, I love the way they face left, then right, then left again and I love the colours.

  7. I'm thinking Andy Warhol! Great idea.

  8. Blimey Hazel you're a machine! Love it! X

  9. Brilliant idea. Love the idea ... like a great patchwork.
    C xxx