Friday 24 June 2016

Tired but content

I have recently been following the work of Deb Weiers and she has inspired me to do more face drawing.
Here is my "selfie", which I scribbled quickly this afternoon. I drew what I saw in the mirror.
Some kind friends have said that I don't look as old as this....but, I don't mind. Feeling blessed to be here to have lines. They are really interesting to draw too.

I am entering this into Kim Dellow's face on Friday.


  1. My g9odness me hazel you are a talented face drawer and artist but you look twenty years younger than this and twice as lovely!

    Lucy x

  2. You look fabulous Hazel, great sketch, much younger in real life though! :-) xxx

  3. It's amazing how the brain interprets what we see and how our hands then deliver that interpretation into our drawings, paintings and projects. You have skilfully sketched and created that very beautiful face full of character and detail and portrayed your look in the mirror very artistically, love it xxx

  4. A very good and characterful drawing...but I can see from your photo that you definitely look younger IRL. Mind you, often when we concentrate, we make the faces we draw look older. I like the title!!

  5. Beautiful!!! Amazing job! <3

  6. Fantastic artwork! but agree with everyone you look miles younger :)
    Gill x

  7. A lovely portrait full of character, I like it a lot.

    Love and hugs