Sunday 12 June 2016

Padstow harbour.

I have just spent a lovely week in Padstow, Cornwall. I took lots of photos, made sketches and visited lots of galleries.
So, as the topic for the Paperartsy blog is currently Houses, I knew what I wanted to do.
It has been a bit rushed because I thought that the topic ran for another week.
Anyway! Here is my entry.

I began with a piece of card that had been swooshed in ink at some point.

It needed knocking back with Fresco Chalk.

I prepared a neutral palette of fresco paints and chopped up a credit card so that I could paint the different houses with different sized bits of plastic. I dipped the card into the paint and dragged it on the background to create houses and roofs. I cut very tiny ones for windows. It gives it a rough feel, which I wanted.

I cutout a few bits of magazine print to add a little texture.
To finish off, I added a little drawing with a black stabilo pencil, and painted a couple of boats.
Quick, happy bunny and will play like this again. to be honest, when I saw some of the prices that "artists" charged for their work, it inspired me to have a go! 

My rendition of Padstow Harbour.


  1. glad you enjoyed your holiday, your page is beautiful.

  2. You have a good holiday and fabulous artwork Hazel. xx

  3. You'll have a very personal record of your holiday with this piece. Very brave to try and it looks very good!

  4. Really delightful! I've not been to Padstow, but I'm a big lover of St Ives and this looks very familiar. Such a clever way to create all those houses and a really great muted colour scheme - love it!
    Alison x

  5. Beautifully created , love the colour palette, fabulous houses and overall design. You did a brilliant job xxx