Wednesday 18 May 2016

Celebrating life

Tonight, I really wanted to reconnect with Kim Dellow and her fabulous Face on Friday group. I love what she is doing and feel guilty for not contributing more often.
So, tonight, I created a face which was very quick, vibrant and energetic.
Just  few strokes of fluorescent paint. A quick sketch with Stabilo pencil and washed over with water and a little colour. I scribbled" Celebrating Life" because, that's what the piece felt like.

So, I am entering this onto the Face on Friday blog. Thanks Kim, for your inspiration.


  1. STUNNING Hazel, love your composition and neons:-) xxx

  2. This is amazing Hazel, so full of life xx

  3. Beautifully drawn and put together Hazel, love it xxx

  4. That is gorgeous, Hazel, I love it.

  5. Love this Hazel so alive and vibrant xxx

  6. Ooh, fantastic - there's a real freshness to this, full of life and spontaneity.
    Alison x