Thursday 23 July 2015

Time clock

I have been fascinated by the latest blog challenge on Paperartsy and decided to have a more time! Sorry for the dreadful pun!

I was in Sainsburys the other day when I saw this clock and "ping" lightbulb moment! I decided to decorate it in the style of the topic Time!

No idea where it would go, but that is half the fun.
First, I gave the clock a coat of PA fresco Stone.
I chose some photos of me and my family from the olden days and turned them sepia, printed them onto copy paper and arranged them onto the clock.
I glued them with Claudia Helmuth Matte medium.
I filled the gaps with buttons.......added the word Memories, fromPA Clocks 4. Used a PA mini stamp of script and finished off the edges with Treasure Gold White Fire.

Only started adding the bits to it after dinner tonight, so another whirlwind make!
Quite pleased with the transformation.

Am entering this into the PA challenge.


  1. Beautiful clock and brilliant idea!! And wonderful garden too. What kind bird come to your birdhouse? xx

  2. A fabulous transformation! xox

  3. That's a great makeover - I love the buttons adding dimension and adding to the circle motif.
    Alison xx