Thursday 12 March 2015

Deconstruction Doily.

My third entry into the PA challenge and what a fabulous creation from Julie Ann last night!
I didn't have a go at the rusting but did pinch her idea of stamping onto fabric and painting!

I have had a drawer full of wonderful crochet mats for a few years that were all lovingly made by my fabulous Great Aunt. Her name was Gwendoline Ivy Montague, and although she had a splendid name she was known to the family as Ti......rhyming with Pie.
She was the sweetest, smiliest, most inspirational person, and despite a tough life with not many comforts, she radiated warmth!
So, I wanted to honour her and her beautiful works of art.
I was certain that I didn't want to cut up any of her mats, so thought of a way round it!
Last night I selected 2 mats and backed them with a circle of felt.

Next, I stamped a couple of PA stamps onto fabric and painted them with fresco paints. The flowers because she loved all flowers, and the fairy, because she was very broad-minded and would have approved of the bare bum!

This morning, I went to the flea market in Chesterfield and bought some embroidered mats and doilies that I could cut up.

I found a couple of photos and began to assemble my elements; machine sewing pieces of embroidery, stamped images and bits of doily. 
My colour scheme was shades of lilac as it was her favourite colour.
I added ribbon and buttons and stamped the word Love and finished off gluing it to an 8x8 box canvas which I had painted with fresco Plum and French Roast.
So, I now have a tribute to my lovely Great Aunt and I didn't chop up any of her beautiful work!

Thanks for looking!


  1. What a great idea to create new art out of your aunt's beautiful handiwork. The circular shape on the canvas is really effective. I love the images stamped on fabric and the photos. Have you tried image transfer of photos onto fabric? That's fun too! You can do it with Satin Glaze. This is a lovely tribute to a lady who sounds beautiful herself in every way.

  2. This is just beautiful Hazel. Love your use of the doilies

  3. Awww Hazel this is so beautiful. Could tell from reading your post how much affection you have for her and your memories are so precious.

    Gorgeous colours, wonderful ArT and a wonderful keepsake. Thank you for sharing your memories:-) xxx

  4. What a lovely canvas with sweet memory of your aunt. Great detail and fab purple colours. This is a wonderful deconstruction. xxx

  5. What a lovely lady she was from your description. Beautiful tribute, the finish result looks fab xx

  6. This is so pretty, Hazel - a lovely way to capture the memories of your aunt, and use all those wonderful lace mats.
    Alison xx

  7. What a lovely way to be reminded of your Aunt. I've a number of similar mats that are stashed away in the airing cupboard and never used - I might have to find a way of using them after seeing ths - thank you for the inspiration xx

  8. Sooooo beautiful! - and a wonderful tribute to your aunt. I love work that has a story behind it, it adds so much to the work, and I'm so glad no original doilies were hurt in the making of this piece!

  9. I agree with the others, this is a wonderful way to honour and remember your
    aunt. I must keep this in mind when infinally do something with all the doillies i found at mums when I was clearing out. You do come up with some fab ideas.

    Lesley Xx

  10. This is lovely, hazel, it makes me think of a peacock,

    Lucy x