Tuesday 28 October 2014

Face number 2

Having experienced a class by Dina Wakley on Sunday I am still fired up to play with her ideas.
I wanted to show the stages that this piece went through and the build up of layers.

First , after gesso I scraped colour onto the page with palette knife. Next, I sprayed through a stencil with Dylusion inks.
I drew my image in Stabilo black and dry brushed the shadows in umber (Dina's paint).

Next I went over most of the umber with Sky blue paint, still dry brushing and then cross hatched with Lemon and added magenta lips and sky blue eyes.

I added some tangerine to the face and then highlighted the face with white. I played with colours in the hair and redrew lies with my stabile pencil. 
Finally I drew through the hair lines of Portfolio pastels.


  1. This brilliant Hazel and thanks for sharing the different layers...thoses paints look amazing..gorgeous colours. You really are good at this xx

  2. Excellent Hazel she is lovely so much movement and depth well done and thank you for sharing your steps xx

  3. Superb face, loving the layers and depth on the page. So good to see you carrying on and learning more as you remember your lovely day.

    I enjoy the workshops at AFTH, the classroom is fantastic isn't it. Can see you will fo back for more:-) xxx

  4. I got side tracked by by gorgeous journal page above, but this is fabulous! It's great to see how fired up you were by this class. I still feel I'd have been too intimidated and put off even more, however!

  5. Amazing to see the shadows laid down and the layers building up over them. Another beauty!
    Alison xx