Thursday 9 October 2014

Ceramic Tile.

I was fascinated this week by the project from Wanda with a fantastic selection of tiles.
I was so impressed with her work and the great detail of how she described her successes, failures and learned methods.
I was drawn to the bright tile and after a rummage in the garage, came up with a rather large tile but had to have a go!
My tile is 13 inches by 8, so it can be either just decorative art or a worktop saver!
I followed instructions up to the Snowflake stencilling and then decided to hand paint the colours onto the flowers. I didn't have a suitable stamp for the middles so drew with black pen a few lines. I went round with white pen and then black again to make my flowers emerge from the busy background.
Lessons learned, try the colour scheme out first and do not just plough on….leave a lot more white space….dont try to fill every space!!
I do like my tile but will have another go and this time plan a little better.
Thanks Wanda for all your fabulous ideas.


  1. Beautiful Hazel I love your tile. It is so pretty clever girl. I must try this xxx

  2. Hazel, your tile is gorgeous!!!! I like it a LOT!!!!

  3. Oooh you used the stunning Cornflower Stencil on your tile, i adore this shape and you have used it beautifully.

    Can see why it took so long, definitely worth the effort and would definitely go well in your newly decorated dining room!

    It's a 'YES' from me:-) xxx

  4. I think it looks fabulous, Hazel!

  5. Beautiful the tile Hazel!! Perfect configuration and amazing vivid colours, This is so gorgeous!! I love it xxx

  6. Oooh still looks extremely bright - love it though.

    Just a thought, can you not remove some of the colour with blending solution if you want to leave some more white space?

    Sam xx

  7. Ooh what a stunning mix of colours and flowers, hazel. Love the idea of having a worktop saver,

    Lucy x

  8. I love this tile, Hazel! I'm really glad you blogged it because it's truly vivid and gorgeous! I like that there is so much floral liveliness on it. I think you ought to carry on and experiment with different effects and see what you come up with because I think your style looks really good in cermaics. I loved Wanda's projects too - really exciting
    and different! xxx

  9. I rarely go for very bright colours but I think this is fabulous and perfect to cheer a person up when they're busy in the kitchen ..... not my favourite place so I need all the cheering up I can get, lol! You're a clever lady!

    Lesley Xx

  10. Stunning, Vibrant, just Gorgeous!!! Ruth x

  11. it is certainly very bright but it works!