Saturday 30 August 2014

White Reflection

I was feeling a bit flaky and out of sorts this morning. Just a bit vulnerable after a hectic week.
So the best thing to do when like that is to escape into the crafting world.

I think that this piece really does reflect my feeling of vulnerability.

I started by guessing a journal page and grungepasted through a stencil. I really liked this look.

I scraped some Liquitex Texture Gel glass beads with a palette knife for added texture.
Next I built up layers of scrim, lace, deli paper, buttons and flowers. I had dried an alchemilla mollis plant from my garden a few days ago and after Snowflake frescoing it I attached it to my work.
I finished off with a sentiment….."The fullness of life does not come from the things outside us. We ourselves must create the beauty in which we live."
The fragility of the plant and the paleness of the work also reflects my feelings today. The jigsaw pieces seem to indicate that sometimes all the pieces do not come together and them being obscured with paint makes it more difficult to place them. Gosh, getting a bit deep. 
This journal page has helped me to feel better and I have enjoyed losing myself this afternoon.


  1. what a fabulous page, and how well that stencil works, I've often looked at it.... Great textures and elements you've used!

  2. Love this mood...your dried flowers look fabulous, great composition too xxx

  3. Wow this is stunning Hazel, love those tones. What a fantastic piece of art, I'd frame it in very dark wood. Scrummy! Xxxxx

  4. Hazel this is absolutely dreamy! What a wonderful page and I love that stencil (never seen that one before) and sentiment. Such a calm and serene essence to this piece. I love it.

    Lesley Xx

  5. Hazel your page is beautiful..just beautiful...from the lovely soft colours to all the different textures!! that page would definately sooth any mood!! xxx

  6. A wonderful page, it really is very beautiful.

  7. You have crafted your heART today Hazel, this is spectacular. Wonderful delicate colour palette and sometimes it is good to reflect what is on the inside to show the outside your true feelings.

    Thank you for sharing something which has allowed us to see your vulnerable side, it is a very special moment :-) xxx

  8. A stunning piece of work - so beautiful and delicate.