Saturday 2 August 2014

Hippy Chick

I saw an inspiring piece in Somerset studio which was based around The Great Gatsby. I admired the style and decided to have a go using a 60s style.

I began by layering strips of different prints and printed tissue and washed over them with some shiny Silks.

Next I dry brushed some of my trusty PA frescos, trying to keep to typical 60s colours.

I knocked it all back with Snowflake and then sprayed Dylusion inks through a flower power type stencil.

I drew my hippy chick through a Dyan stencil and dressed her in 60s Mary Quant style outfit.

Next I looked on the internet for 60s style fonts and chose this blobby one to write my message. I had to spray over the top of the inks with an acrylic varnish so that the ink didn't run into my overpainting.
I wrote my message in black Sharpie pen and painted her outfit etc with PA frescos. Really enjoyed this, might turn it into a series? 


  1. oh this is fantastic your hippy chick and the quote!! all those layers are great!! a really fun piece xx

  2. Luckily I have no recollection of the 60's being born way after that - lol!!

    Love the retro look though and love the hippy style of those flower power letters, they just finish it off perfectly

    Hey man!!!

    Hehehehe xxxx

  3. I was but a babe in arms... love your 60's style project, it works perfectly, and I love the font you found - just right!!

  4. Fab piece. Captures the 60's really well - though I wasn't even born in them!

  5. Yeah, real groovy baby!! I love it, the colours are gorgeous & the font is perfect.