Friday 27 June 2014

Liz Borer Decorated frame.

Its been another fabulous week of projects on PA. I felt compelled to have a go at the decorated frame by Liz as she is always kind to me with blog comments and I am a great admirer of her work. She has a unique and very classy style.

I found a very old mirrored frame, you can tell how long I have had it with the price £1-99. It is cheap, plastic frame and tacky, ideal for a challenge.
I followed Liz's instructions and wanted to stick with her colour scheme because she is cleverer than me.
Working on glass demanded Stazon ink which has not given me such a pleasing effect as archival. I bought some polystyrene flowers the other day which I sprayed.
It always takes me ages to arrange flowers etc but went for this arrangement in the end.
I added Treasure Gold Royal Amethyst to the frame to finish it off.
Thankyou for the challenge Liz. had to squeeze it in today as I am off to London this weekend.

And after…..


  1. It's beautiful Hazel. Have a lovely weekend in London!

  2. Love the colours Hazel, very much improved mirror!!!

  3. This is gorgeous, hazel! Have a great weekend in London,

    Lucy x

  4. Oh my gosh, that's stunning Hazel. Such a transformation & such improvement on the original mirror, it's beautiful. Have a great weekend.

  5. A triumph of a make over, love everything:-) xxx

  6. That looks fab that looks fab Hazel. Well done for getting it finished. Have a fab time in London xxx

  7. What a transformation! This looks so elegant and tasteful now. Hope your day in London is fun and not marred by the rain! Julie Ann xxx

  8. Brilliant bit of upcycling - looks just lovely! Hope you're enjoying London!
    Alison x

  9. A huge improvement Hazel. Very pretty

  10. Well you squeezed that one in very well Hazel it's lovely x Hope you have a great weekend xx

  11. Wow! That's beautiful Hazel!!!
    Hope you're having a lovely weekend!
    Alison xxx

  12. This looks brilliant, love those butterflies xxx

  13. Fantabulous Hazel! What a transformation, it looks beautiful now!

    Hope you had a wonderful time in London and enjoyed the shows.

    Lesley Xx