Saturday 14 June 2014

Kirsten's Shrine

First of all, congratulations Kirsten on becoming a Guest Designer. I love your work and was blown away by your Journal that you brought to Stevenage.
A garden shrine really appeals to me as I feel very much at home and relaxed in my garden. I still own my Dads' greenhouse and as he died the same year as Elvis and he owned it for many years, you can imagine hold old it must be. When I am in there pottering away, I feel closer to him.
I hunted around for a suitable frame but couldn't find what I was looking for so I decided to use a card surround.
I grungepasted some bricks, crackle glazed a bit and began a colour scheme which was largely a collection of green frescos.
I painted some coated wire, curled it, cut out some leaves from PA Chatsworth, and made some die cut flowers. I already had some Tim Holtz hexagons cut out and used them to fill in the frame.
I stamped my guardian of the garden onto acetate (from Wings 3) and painted the back like Kirsten did. I painted and crackled a card heart also.
If you think that my writing is a bit haphazard then you are right because it reflects the way that I worked today. I even took photos of the "finished" product and then realised that I had forgotten to add the flowers and butterflies!!
Anyway, I painted onto the back of some acetate butterflies and then put it all together.
Of course I added some Treasure Gold to my frame and the heart. Goes without saying really!
I punched holes in the corners of the frame to hang it lopsided because it reflects the way that I do stuff, in a loppy sort of way. If I waited to line things up then I would never finish anything.
Thanks Kirsten, I love your butterfly shrine and have enjoyed having a go myself!


  1. oh wow, Hazel, this looks great - love your central guardian of the garden!!

  2. Loving your loppy frame xxx

  3. Fa-bu-lous! Wonder where you got the time and energy! The heart, flowers and butterflies are gorgeous.

  4. Oh Hazel, thank you so much! I'm delighted to have inspired you to make your own garden shrine & it is so beautiful. I love the central image (MUST get that stamp) & the hanging heart looks great.

  5. That's beautiful, Hazel... lovely how you've picked up on Kirsten's fabulous inspiration and run with it. I love it hanging katy-cornered like that, and the crackly heart is a gorgeous addition. Really fab!
    Alison xx

  6. Oh What a fantastic frame! Beautiful many object and wire vines xx

  7. I love this, Hazel! It looks terrific in the garden setting, just perfect - the colours, the embellishments and the images are all so right in this intimate outdoor space. I also love the angle of the frame, it's individual. Everything you create is very 'you'. If you spent ages lining it up it would lose that energy and spontaneity that makes a 'Hazel' creation. Julie Ann xxx

  8. Fab shrine - I love that image, and it's perfect with the loopy wires

  9. Love this! Such a delicate piece with fabulous embellishments!

  10. fantastic all the elements on your frame

  11. Beautiful, love the stamp x

  12. So cool! I love the colours you've chosen and how it's see through.