Saturday 27 October 2018

Portrait inspired by Frida Kahlo

This is a picture that I have had milling over in my mind since I saw an image of Frida that inspired me.

I began on a 20"x16" sheet of paper for acrylics, taped to my drawing board and sketched the figure.
I chose some collage papers by Marlene Meijer-van Niekirk and tore up pieces and added them to the dress and parts of the headdress.

Using PaperArtsy acrylic paints I painted over parts of the dress and added loose brushstrokes to the headdress.
I did some printing over the dress with Black Archival ink to tone it down as it was competing with the headdress. Also, a fair amount of scribbling with a Black Fudeball pen. Like scribbling!
Lots of adjustments took place with the face until I was reasonably happy.
Always room for improvement but I need to remember that it is all a learning process and I am not trying to achieve a photographic representation!


  1. Beautiful Hazel. I love the bold, bright images and colours xxx

  2. Thank you for stopping by... you beat me to posting by a couple of hours - there's something new now! It's just been a busy time, plus a little slump in making, simply because there's so much else going on... but I hope to get back in the swing of things a bit over the winter.

    I love your Frida portrait. The face itself is marvellous - so full of strength and character - and the collaged dress and amazing floral headpiece are fabulous.
    Alison x