Tuesday 21 March 2017


I based this piece upon a photo that I took a couple of years ago at a beautiful little village on the North coast of Spain. Somewhere very special to us that we have been visiting for the best part of 30 years.

I began by gessoing a page in my girl's annual and tearing up and attaching pieces of manuscript and dictionary pages.

Next, with a stabilo pencil, I drew the main outlines of the buildings.

Using PaperArtsy fresco paints, I filled in the buildings, and backgrounds.

I thought that this was in the style of Cezanne, and then climbed down from my perch and got real!
On reflection, maybe I should have stopped at this stage! What do you think?

Anyway, I added detail with a fine black pen and with my Stabilo pencil and washed water over the marks. 
As advised by my guru, Alison Bomber, I found an alternative to using greens for foliage and mixed yellows, blues and purples!

I may have overworked my final piece, but can't go back now. 
Here is the original photo of Cudillero.

Critiques of any helpful description are gratefully received. 


  1. So clever, and yes Cezanne came to mind as well! Amazing Hazel, you are so talented! Ruth xx

  2. Hazel it is beautiful! I personally can't find fault with it but then art in my humble opinion shouldn't be 'perfect' but the creator's interpretation. Looking at the photo you have definitely caught the essence of that pretty place!

    Lesley Xx

  3. Oh, dear, I commented on this lovely creation and lost the Internet right in the middle! I wanted to say that I agree with Lesley both about art and about your work. You have created an image that embodies charm, warmth and atmosphere in this delightful architecture, Hazel.

  4. Gosh Hazel. You are so talented. I love the colours in the water and the way the houses just spill over each other. It's a wonderful piece. Great tip about the foliage too!

  5. Hazel,
    Both renditions are wonderful. They look like totally different pieces even though I know one evolved into the other. I think this drawing is one you could do over and over and make it original and different each time. The colors of the buildings show up with more emphasis when your painting was more abstract. When I was looking at the entries on the Paper Artsy blog once again I was compelled to see your work of art. I love it either way.

  6. Brilliantly done Hazel. You know I really like both stages of your work, the simple shapes over the collage papers all beautifully positioned and standing tall and then the intricacies of the house details bringing it all to life. Love this xxx

  7. WoW, it is beautiful! You have talent!

  8. Very glad you mentioned this so that I came looking (got some time coming up in CZ shortly where I hope to do better with keeping up - but then I'm always hoping that, it seems!). I think your finished piece is great, capturing the charm of the original with lots of lovely detail, and I have to say I think the foliage colours look splendid!! But there is something very exciting about the part-way stage ... a slightly haunting effect. The houses without their doors and windows are like faces without features - leaving the imagination room to work. So I think both work as pieces of art in very different ways. Bravo you!
    Alison x

  9. Hazel what an amazing piece of art, true to it's original. Love the way you have built it up from beginning to end with your pen lines really adding to its depth. I feel like I am there. Magnifico..! Tracey x

  10. I like both stages, I can see you have taken inspiration from the photograph but made it your own in your own style.

  11. Hazel,
    This is beautiful, I agree with everyone who states your work is amazing. I would expect to see this hanging on someones wall.

  12. This is fabulous Hazel ! Love it !