Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Masking fluid experiments.

Over on the PaperArtsy blog at the moment , the topic is Masks.
Being a bit stupid, I first thought of the Masquerade variety, but having watched Darcy's wonderful intro, I now know better!

I have used masking fluid once, to mask off the drawing of a hen that I did, but tonight I wanted to draw a seedhead.

This is how it goes........

1. Seedhead drawn with a fine brush dipped into masking fluid and then, when dry, infusions added.

Looks clumsy and I had to Google how to clean my brush as it was a mess. Not to be repeated! Tip was to coat the brush in washing up liquid first to avoid coating with rubber.

2. Seedhead drawn with a dropper that is left over from expensive eye serum...well a girl has to have these things!

Still clumsy but slightly better and the fluid just washed straight off the dropper. 

3. Seedhead drawn by dipping a wooden skewer into the masking fluid. I like this one!

Some of you experienced artists out there might be thinking....what is she on about. But for me it was a valid experiment. Hope that it is useful to a few others too! I will develop my findings!

Entering this into the PA blog. 


  1. Hi Hazel, I too have masking fluid which I possibly may never have opened! I plan to use it to join in this challenge too :-)
    I love your experiments - really useful for me, and it looks great with the infusions over the top. Claire xx

    1. Thanks Claire. Glad that I helped. X

  2. Fabulous experiments Hazel with great results and write up. Now you've got me thinking again lol, love it when that happens, thank you xxx

  3. Nice experiments Hazel, you could incorporate both the dropper and cocktail stick for different effects.....

  4. Great experiment Hazel, and I love your seedhead. Option 4 is to use Pebeo masking fluid, it's a liquid so you can use a fine brush, and washes straight off the brush with water. It really is fab (and no I'm not on commission) Have a fun week xx

  5. Me too I own a bottle that I never have used :)
    Thanks for sharing your experiments. After seeing this I have to give it a try.
    Love what you did with the Infusions, beautiful!

  6. I think we've used a similar technique, but yours is totally your own, I had to use a stencil. Still chuffed to bits I managed to link it this time. I love your seed head. Its a really great way to use the Infusions.

  7. Ooh thanks Hazel! I've only used my masking fluid once and had the same problem as you with the brush so that washing up liquid tip makes me want to have another go. You did get some lovely results though. I like the last one best too because it's so delicate.

    Lesley Xx

  8. I've often toyed with the idea of using Masking fluid, Hazel. Thank You so much for sharing your experiments - how useful! I really like the last one too, but I can see how one could play in lots of different ways with some of these techniques. Thank You for inspiring us. xx

  9. I've worked backwards through your posts and its interesting to see each of your results - they're all beautiful but I think I like the ones done with a skewer best xx

  10. The skewer worked fabulously!!!!!!!! Beautiful!!!

  11. You'll see blue masking fluid in action at PA tomorrow night. Happy to say I now have some white stuff. The blue is very off-putting when you're working! Great to see your journey, though obviously I've been following it backwards, and I'd say you reached a wonderful destination in those cards.
    Alison x

  12. what a wonderful piece and great findings Hazel - thanks for sharing. xx

  13. This makes me want to buy some masking fluid to have a go, love it Hazel xx

  14. Like the experiments with the different ways of drawing with the masking fluid.
    And those Infusions! Wow.
    Catherine xxx

  15. great experiments, and helpful. I have masking fluid I have never used.... time to try it out I think

  16. I never use my brushes with masking fluid... well since I did the first time and had the same sad outcome as you... Dip pens, cocktails sticks and most of all silicone tipped implements such as Colour shapers (in grey or white) are the best to use with fluid.

  17. Wonderful experiments Hazel and pretty your drawing seedhead. I have used fluid 'Artists' White Mask' and It's quite works for thin brush too. xx