Saturday 10 September 2016

Mark making

I am on the receiving end of a very sore back at the moment. Strong painkillers that I am not at all used to and can't do much at all. Too much gardening this week....will I never learn.
However, as the only chair that I can sit in is my craft room one, then, I decided to have a bit of a play.

Many of us are fascinated by this subject and the power that a mark in the earth, onto paper, onto a person can influence our lives.

I began by selecting some mop up paper. In fact, it is from a paper palette page that I used recently to mix PA fresco paints onto for a colour mixing project. It was a shame to screw them up, so I dabbed with a piece of copy paper to repeat pattern the coloured blobs.
I printed with my home made stamps onto the colourful background using black archival ink.

Next, I cut the rectangles more or less the same size. Couldn't use my paper cutter as couldn't bend over it! I arranged them onto A4 black card.

To finish off, I added some doodling with a White Signo Uniball pen.

Not back for an old crock fuzzed up with opiates....maybe I should do this more often?
I shall enter this into the Paperartsy Challenge, Making Marks.


  1. Looks great Hazel. Hooe the back is better soon

  2. So sorry to hear your back is playing you up - how convenient that it's the craft room chair which provides the only support! I love your paper palette background, and the handmade stamped patterns look so good in bold black against that riot of colour. Isn't it amazing how the doodling just brings a piece to life? Fabulous!

    Hope you feel lots better soon.
    Alison x

  3. Great use of the coloured mop ups and love the way you cut it up and finished it with the white pens.
    Hope your back is better soon, I feel like you, with a painful foot condition which is preventing me from walking too much and tennis elbow - what are we like?????
    Take care. xxx

  4. These really do look good Hazel, fab stamps too. I spent time carving some, when I got home from shopping, ill share tomorrow. Hope your back eases soon, love Debs xx

  5. Really lovely Hazel, I love your hand carved stamps - they look fab. I hope your back is feeling a bit better now. Claire xx

  6. Great designs, love the homemade stamp marks.
    Hope your back's getting better.

  7. Love your mop up backgrounds and the bold black stamps look great against the colours. If that's what dosing up on painkillers does for you please chuck some in this direction, lol!

    Lesley Xx

  8. Maybe you should get fuzzed up more often! Terrific stamp images you created! Way to recycle that background paper too!

  9. What a brilliant result for your poorly art... some nice spends at PA! Well done Hazel. C xxx