Thursday 16 April 2015

Niches Display case

This niche topic has taken some ruminating over!
Last night I embarked upon a topic and ended up doing something entirely different!
While searching cupboards for boxes I came across this display case. I bought 2 of them a few years ago on the local flea market.
The display case is painted in black, has lots of little shelves, has a gold and beaded trim around the door, mirrors in the backs of the shelves and measures 16"x12"

I decided to fill the shelves with a combo of LP stamps and opulent trims, kindly given to me by a friend who is an interior designer.
First I stamped my images and, advised by Alison Bomber, heat embossed the black stamping in clear.
I coloured my images using Promarkers and cut them out.
Next, I spent ages arranging trims and images.
I cleaned up the display case and glued into place my collection.
I finished it off with great big opulent tassels hanging down from the outside of the case and added a smidgeon of Ruby Treasure Gold to the front of the case.
This will go on my dining room brick wall.
My husband said that it looks like a little theatre, which was very poetic of him!

It was very tricky to photograph because of the mirrors!


  1. oh,this is so pretty! love all the trims, how lucky you were to be given them - they look gorgeous.

  2. Ooh wow, this looks super, looks like lots of work has gone into this creating all those individual pieces, Fab tassles xx

  3. What a lovely cabinet Hazel - perfect for the niche challenge!! I love your take on it.

  4. WOW Hazel, can see why you are so excited about your niche project, it is glorious and lush. When i saw the colours i wondered if it was destined for your Red Room, it looks fantastic on the wall.

    I like how you have given space to all of the stamped images and the tassels, nothing is overpowering. Genius idea, you have done it again Lovely Lady :-) xxx

  5. Oooh, this is very opulent! Those tassels and trims are beautiful and perfect to compliment the LP images. Your Hubby hit the nail on the head describing it as a mini theatre as that is what is reminds me of too. Another brilliant project from you.

    Lesley Xx

  6. Oh I love it - it's so, so gorgeous, opulent and rich - I really to want one on my dining room wall now! And your hubby was so right when he described it a little theatre - it's totally delightful!

  7. That is fab Hazel, I can see why your husband said it was a mini theatre. x

  8. I really love how you used the upholstery trims, Hazel. There is something beautifully theatrical about this piece and I so love your colour choices. I'm sure Lynne Perrella would love how you used her images too. What a lovely response to the niches challenge. xxx

  9. This is very gorgeous cabinet Hazel! Lovely LP ladies and fabulous use of trims. xx