Saturday 7 February 2015

Shiny Stuff Winter Garden 3

I have not got this Winter Garden thing out of my system yet. So many avenues to explore.
Today, I decided to use my Felting Machine to create layers of foliage.
I started with a piece of handmade paper. Wet it and scribbled inktense pencils onto it.

Next. I cut small pieces of ribbon, lace, trim, Tyvec made lacy and glittery net and ran the felter over them to adhere them to the paper. (I put a piece of felt on the back to help adhere the fibres.)

Anything that was reluctant to fasten down was sewn over with my sewing machine!
I found some variegated green threads and felted them onto the piece to resemble clumps of leaves and then blobbed Perfect pearls in amongst them to represent snowdrops. My original intention was to hand sew a few leaves and add seed beads but changed my mind!

I stamped a sentiment with Black Archival onto some ribbon and laid it onto hessian!

Or does it look better without the hessian? Not decided what to do with it yet!

Thanks for looking. Not entering it into PA challenge as am embarrassed at how rapid my work rate is!


  1. personally I prefer it without the hessian, but it's gorgeous - the snowdrops are inspired!

  2. Ooooh how lovely Hazel, very tactile and textured, great effect xx

  3. This is stunning Hazel! I love the snowdrops! xxx

  4. Why shouldn't you enter the PA Challenge as many times as you want? Each person works at a different rate and either gets lots of inspiration or doesn't, please do NOT feel embarrased by your work rate you are inspired and also inspire others by your enthusiasm so go on enter your work Hazel, show your creativity and be you, it's one of the many reasons i follow your blog!

    Great to see you using your Embellisher, your project is fantastic and looks amazing with and without the hessian. All depends on what you will do with your panel as to your decision to keep or not.

    Big Hugs
    Mo:-) xxx

  5. Creativity in overdrive, when the urge is upon you, release all those ideas, they HAVE to come out. I love this , all those fabric bits to make a great abstract piece , very jealous you have an embellished / felting machine. Jo

  6. Hazel,
    This is beautiful and you should have entered it. Don't be embarrassed, I say if you have the time and the talent do it. I love seeing your work it inspires me. You have such a wide range and variety of projects and they are all great.

  7. This is beautiful - I love the little clumps of snowdrops, they are so sweet and the Perfect Pearls is perfect for them! I also love the paper along the bottom that looks like cracked ice in puddles - very wintery. I have a touch of Embellisher envy - I'd love one and I seem to be seeing an awful lot of people using them - I love the effect you got with yours.