Tuesday 30 December 2014

This moment, textures.

It being the period between Christmas and New Year and the roads and pavements covered in snow, seems the ideal opportunity to play.
Yesterday I started to play with bits of paper and textures. First I covered my page with Fresco Toad Hall.
Next, I tore up pieces of script, lovely old map with gauze backing, music, shiny paper and glued them down with matte medium.

I scraped on some Grunge paste and pressed objects into it for texture,fork, bottle top etc. I sanded it back, added more layers and worked on it until it looked weathered.
I mixed some gloss medium with some fresco Tikka and French Roast and rubbed it into all the nooks and crannies with a piece of kitchen roll. Finally, or so I thought, I scribbled with crayons and pencil.

I was really pleased with my work. It reminds me of books that I had or my parents had that, at some point I have scribbled in or written my name.
Anyway, this morning I looked with fresh eyes and decided that it needed a focal point. I messed about for ages and eventually decided upon some flowers which I aged and stuck down with masking tape.
Even more pleased now.

Heres the finished piece.

And the photo that my son took. Cant decide which is best.


  1. Both pictures are fab but you can't beat a tad of dappled light across a page....

    Beautiful textures and colours can see you enjoyed yourself immensley Hazel. A gorgeous journal page:-) xxx

  2. Another lovely spread, so many textures and interest going on! I'm sorry to say that although I love both photos I think I do prefer the one your son took! X

  3. Oooh this looks tasty, love all that texture, could just reach in and touch it - gorgeous xxx

  4. Love it,, just gorgeous. xx

  5. That is gorgeous. I love all the different textures & adding the flowers was definitely a good idea.

  6. This is wonderful Hazel, gorgeous textures! xox

  7. Hazel,
    This is awesome, I love the way you play. I saw a scrap paper on my desk and wanted to try the gilded cards that Jo did so there I was panicking it may not turn out. It did but I thought why was I so worried it was just time and card. I really applaud you can go with reckless abandonment.

  8. Both photos are great - thank you for sharing them. How a piece alters in different lights and from even a tiny shift in angle remains fascinating to me so I'm more than happy to see both. I love this textural collage, Hazel - it really speaks to me.
    Alison xx