Tuesday 2 September 2014

Overworked Piece.

Thought that I would blog this piece of work that I did last night, mainly to remind myself not to overdo it and overwork something.

I started this piece because I wanted to play with some face stencils that I have had for ages and never used.
I started by gluing some strips of script to the page and brayering a few fresco colours. Next I stencilled fresco paints through the face stencils and built up layers using frescos through circle, squiggle and heart stencils. I layered paint on top with my palette knife and stamped script with Coffee Archival.
This is where I had got to and didn't know what to do next!

After chatting on Twitter, Helen suggested that it needed some words….good idea, so I dug around and came up with this from my stash of magazine cuttings. I also added some darker dots.

This is where I should have stopped but no, I carried on and probably shouldn't have thrown the kitchen sink at it!
I tried Ellen Vargo's idea of red to make it pop, added some white hearts and wrote inside them and stuck on some hearts which I had rubbed with Treasure Gold. Not a total disaster but a bit of a mish mash! Also added a metal corner. Too much to take in!
Some good ideas, me thinks, but not all at once!


  1. I am hoping once you have had time to see how beautiful your page is you will change your mind... Love how you have added text and the hearts they add texture and depth, the frame colours pop off the page giving a more ethereal feel to you page.

    I think it is marvellous, fantastic and very inspiring, wish i could achieve that look and here you are thinking you added too much, not in my book ;-) xxx

  2. Hazel, it's great - though I do know what you mean about keep on adding things to pages!
    I'm trying to stop myself adding more things to a page now too!!

  3. Well I love the addition of the hearts, just not keen on the metal corner embellie

    Sam xx

  4. Great the ideas and the transition of the pages, and you created the pages rhythms and harmonies. I love the page hazel!! xx

  5. I love the faces Hazel! I think it turned out great! xxx

  6. I ditto exactly Sam's comment! I think it's brilliant and the pop of red has really brought it to life. The only thing which I would omit (says she who does not journal!) is the metal corner.

    Lesley Xx